In particular all the free resources that are of such a high quality. Adam & Eve Lesson And not being dead was kind of the goal. Take your favorite ideas from above and have a great Sunday! It is quite a different challenge. Then…get everyone to pretend to “swoosh” a sword through the air and attack these thoughts with the Word of God. Turn the music up loud enough that they can’t make out what you’re saying to them (but not loud enough to hurt their ears) and try to get them to figure out what you’re saying without taking off the headphones. It's a great memory tool! I am new to teaching younger kids and found this lesson to be on target. DOWNLOAD: Get the entire series, all worksheets, and coloring pages in one zip file. You can fasten a piece of paper to it that says The Word of God or have them pick a Bible verse that reminds them of God’s protection. For instance, I asked kids, “So can we tell a Christian by finding people that are wearing a full set of armor? Amen. Of course not! Instruct them to run from one point to the next as fast as they can, while trying to keep their pants up. Then ask them to explain the differences between the two runs (i.e. Have everyone stand up, and give them an example of their parents asking them to do their homework. Not only is this a fun “gotcha” moment, but it also helps kids to realize that what we are talking about in class isn’t just from “the Bible” … but it’s a LETTER from ancient history. We have a Bible Verse Memory song that goes along each element of the armor! Cut some holes in a box and make it the breastplate of righteousness. This Belt of Truth game is perfect for your VBS, Sunday School, or homeschool. 2) Use an orthodontic rubber band or glue to affix them like the image above. This is a great song that ties in nicely with the armor theme. You will also need feathers and poster board for a couple of lessons. So about half way through, I said, “And these are the shin guards of….”. A helmet, a breastplate, a shield, a belt, sandals, and a sword. The kids will be on their toes a little more after you try to pull “a fast one” on them! Even a first-time Sunday school teacher can confidently teach with this! We would love to hear your creative ideas for teaching your own children about the Armor of God, or their reactions to some of the lessons we’ve suggested. Leave us a comment below! All Rights Reserved, Have your child put on a pair of your pants (or pants several sizes to big). When their shield is ready and in position, crumple up each piece of paper, toss it at them, and have them deflect each lie with their “shield”. We can live worry free because we know that we have a place in Heaven, and while we are here on Earth, God will protect us. Pretty self-explanatory. You helped fill in some gaps that the curriculum I was using had. Use simple supplies in a unique hands-on game to help children remember what the Bible says. As promised in our post from earlier this week, we’re going to share ideas for teaching each piece of the Armor of God in a fun and interactive way that will help your child really grasp the lesson. How hard would that be? A shield is a unique piece of armor because it can be moved to cover up the weak places in the rest of the armor. It's easier…. You can then explain that this is how they can use the Helmet of Salvation – to keep so focused on what Jesus did for us on the cross that that the enemy’s lies end up sounding like muffled nonsense, completely drowned out by the voice of Jesus telling us that we are His. It’s not super long, so you won’t be overwhelmed by the info. My variation on a common method of teaching faith to kids. He was inspired by God, first of all…but also…HE WAS CHAINED TO ROMAN GUARDS in a prison cell. But it does give some key info about each piece of armor—along with a great visual for each!. Our Breastplate of Righteousness helps us maintain a pure heart and the enemy fears those who have a heart for Jesus and desire to do what’s right (even when they make mistakes). We take for granted that kids understand the basics. When we put on our Sandals of the Gospel of Peace we are reminding ourselves that Jesus came and died on the cross for our sins, rose from the dead, and ascended into Heaven. Use a pair of scissors as a “pretend sword” with your children. Just like a breastplate on a suit of armor protects the heart, the Breastplate of Righteousness protects our heart for God. Just as real helmets protect our heads from injuries, the Helmet of Salvation protects our minds from the enemy’s lies. Teaching the Armor of God? Remind them that their faith works the same way when the enemy fires darts of doubts at us, attempting to make us question God. . Thank you and God bless! This is the piece of armor that is the foundation for all the other pieces. So as you prepare to teach your kids about this armor here are a few ideas for keeping the story interesting…and moving. Seeing a man dressed in armor, he put pen to paper (or likely dictated) the words we now read in Ephesians.