In Guadeloupe, "calalou au crabe" (crab callaloo) is a traditional Easter dish. Light green leaves are great in stews, stir fries and soups, having a tangy, spinach-like flavor. "Callaloo" in Trinidad is used in a variety of dishes including Callaloo soup or "oil down". Callaloo is a fast-growing tall leafy green from the amaranth family. (See Palaver sauce for the West African dish.). Smooth, bright, tender leaves that can be steamed lightly or even eaten raw. Grenadians also stir or blend the mixture until it has a smooth consistent texture. This, as is the case with many other Caribbean dishes, is a remnant of West African cuisine.[1]. Young leaves can be used in salads while more mature leaves can be cooked. Higman, B. W. “Jamaican Versions of Callaloo.” Callaloo, vol. Due to the high iron content of callaloo, Grenadians douse it down with a fruit drink high in Vitamin C especially as Iron could only be absorbed in the presence of Vitamin C. In the Virgin Islands, callaloo is served with a dish of fungee on the side. Trinidadians, Grenadians and Dominicans primarily use taro/dasheen bush for callaloo, although Dominicans also use water spinach. Callaloo is the National Dish of the twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the Commonwealth of Dominica. Callaloo soup comprising callaloo, okra (optional), dumplings, ground provision like yam, potato (sweet and "Irish") chicken and beef is traditionally eaten on Saturdays. Easy to grow in warm weather. The flower buds … There are many variants across the Caribbean, depending on the availability of local vegetables. The herbal plant called Callaloo is the popular Jamaican name for what is otherwise known as Amaranth greens. In Grenada, callaloo is steamed with garlic, onion and coconut milk and often eaten as a side dish. MISSOURI Address2278 Baker Creek Road Mansfield, MO 65704. Tasty, quick growing, self sowing hot weather greens popular throughout the African diaspora, as well as in Asian cuisines. Callaloo (sometimes callalloo, calalloo, calaloo or kallaloo) is a popular Caribbean vegetable dish. Since the leaf vegetable used in some regions may be locally called "callaloo" or "callaloo bush" "dasheen Leaves", some confusion can arise among the vegetables and with the dish itself. Callaloo is a fast-growing tall leafy green from the amaranth family. In the Caribbean, amaranth greens are known as callaloo and are one of the chief items in the popular "callaloo-soup" made with taro, ham hocks, peppers, celery, okra, coconut milk, and crabmeat. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Callaloo is widely known throughout the Caribbean and has a distinctively Caribbean origin, utilising indigenous (Xanthosoma) plants and modified with African influences, such as okra. Easy to grow in warm weather. Add to Cart. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. • Great in balancing digestive health due to fiber content- fiber is the roughage that helps to clean up the intestinal tracts, creating a feeling of lightness while eliminating toxic waste from the body. Callaloo Amaranth Greens. 351–368 -, This page was last edited on 12 November 2020, at 16:00. All of this is steamed in coconut milk and saffron powder. You can harvest the young tender leaves or the mature leaves/stems for cooking. The flower buds and seeds can also be eaten. Easy to grow in warm weather. The abundant leaves are usually eaten cooked, and are sometimes referred to as Chinese spinach. While Jamaicans tend to steam callaloo leaf with tomatoes, salt, peppers, onions, scallions, with or without salt-fish, Trinidadians and Saint Lucians use Callaloo leaves/ dasheen bush, okra, coconut milk, pumpkin, onions, bell peppers, local seasonings and spices along with crabs or pigtails. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, 2278 Baker Creek Road Mansfield, MO 65704. JSTOR, $2.75. Grow Heirloom Amaranthus - Plant Green Callaloo Amaranth SeedsAs with all amaranth seeds, Green Callaloo is exceedingly easy to grow! A popular green vegetable in many countries, including many Caribbean islands where this plant is famous for Calaloo Seafood Soup.