Born in a subwoofer box, music has always been my passion. The answer to this is that it won’t do any harm to play around with your audio settings to see if you can stretch just a little more out of your subwoofer. Hope you find the information useful. © 2000-2020 Sonic Electronix - 10645 Freeport Dr. Louisville, KY 40258 Link to post Share on other sites. As I mentioned above, where possible, avoid placing it against walls or in corners. If you have a sealed subwoofer, your problems won’t be as bad as with a ported subwoofer, and if this is the case, simply move on. One good way of finding a place for your subwoofer is to swap places with it. This direction offers crisp sound with a slight advantage to high frequencies and treble, and won’t rattle loose parts in your vehicle as much. A highly unconventional position includes aiming the entire enclosure inwards towards the hood and inverting the subwoofers into a sealed enclosure so the woofer is facing downward protruding out of the enclosure. Does the placement of a port in subwoofer matter? What way should I face the ports on my subwoofer box? Assuming you have an open area under (or behind) your computer desk (or table), I would put the subwoofer on the floor, up against the wall, with the speaker facing outward… In my. I currently do not have a design plan yet due to inexperience with designing a subwoofer box. Bass waves travel in all directions, but it’s important to have the speaker facing your main listening area. Ideally, your subwoofer should be placed a distance of 1-2x the diameter of the port away from a wall. Again i'm just curious =) thx for any info! This means I can have as much fun as I want with my subwoofer, and don’t have to worry about upsetting anyone. If I can only impart one piece of knowledge on you, let it be this: subwoofers need room to breathe, so don’t suffocate them by hiding them in a cupboard or under a table. Its going to go in the corner of the room, so I need to decide which way to point it. For the best sound quality, the subwoofer should be placed with the speaker facing out to the room, and the port should be away from a wall. For many audiophiles, the subwoofer is the difference between an excellent and a poor home theater setup. I’m quite lucky in that my home theater setup is in a large room, and the only connecting rooms are my own. For music enthusiasts, no car sound system is complete without an aftermarket subwoofer. So, what is the best direction for a subwoofer to face when it is located in the trunk? Hi, I’m Jason. For the most part, corners aren’t really a subwoofer’s friends. A good rule of thumb is around 6” from a wall or corner, or more if you can get away with it. 917 Posts . Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 10, 2004 I've got a Hsu STF-2 located directly behind my couch per Dr Hsu's recommendation. Dec 6, 2001 #1 I just recieved my Q150. This should allow the trapped bass to come out and be heard more clearly. SiriusXM Satellite Radio: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Studio Headphones: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know. It’s best to use this information as a starting point, and then to experiment with your own placement to find the best sound. Setting up your subwoofer for optimal bass is one of the most important parts of building a home theater setup. Here is the short answer. Shoud I go with: 1. This will not drown out notes above 200hz so this is a good idea for those of you not focused on overwhelming bass. Also read: Is it OK to Put a Subwoofer on its Side? Thread starter Jon Weaver; Start date Dec 6, 2001; J. Jon Weaver Member. As a general rule, the smaller the speakers, the higher the crossover frequency is going to be. You should find this information in the manual, or online. Additionally, experimenting with the location will also have a greater impact on the sound quality. The two eventually met and led to my career at Sonic Electronix. Method for finding the sweet spot. Your subs have to match your speakers and amplifiers, but also needs to fit into the designated location. Depending on your room acoustics facing the port toward you may give you more controlled bass but also may give you less bass in certain bands of frequencies. Disadvantages of a Ported Subwoofer. All you need to do is turn the crossover dial to its maximum setting, and then play a bass-heavy audio track. Which way should I face my subs and port? ), this is the direction for you. I’m excited to share what I have learned. Over the years, I have learned a lot about AV equipment and room acoustics. Most will be connected to the. So which way should a subwoofer face in home theater? This is what I did with my subwoofer, and it worked absolutely fine, it just requires a bit more attention. Other than that, a good suggestion is to plug up the port with something, such as socks or soft balls. If you notice audio “blind spots,” you might need to go back and adjust the crossover frequency. Combat the rattles with NVX sound damping materials, to ensure that all you hear is bass blasting in your face. And, ideally, it has clearance at both ends. The same is true for walls. Which way should my sub face. This means that instead of facing the trunk, the subwoofers are now facing the passenger and driver.