He added a small USB hub to allow for a pair of USB sockets where Apple had put an ADB socket, making for quite a decent older keyboard with an unexpected USB interface. Explore 4 websites and apps like HackADay, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community. The Gigablox takes its mission seriously, with its compact size the ultimate design goal. border='0' alt='' /></a> Copyright 2011 smartthinking.All rights reserved. However, most network hardware outside of datacenters is fairly space inefficient, a headache if you’re building a robot or drone. <a Tokyo Sky Tree construction ends: World's tallest ... Samsung launches 3 dual-SIM smartphones in India. markus wrote a comment on Motorized Walking ATAT using Servos and Arduino. The popularity of a website is, well, pretty much self explanatory. The rest of the media were reporting on an asteroid named 16 Psyche last month worth $10 quintillion. ... and registered trademarks appearing on makezine.com are the property of their respective owners. Like any other video call, if you had the link you could enter the meeting. This feature is useful for when you require a site to have been tagged as something. To add a tag to this list, click "add tag" or click on any tag in a result. Paging through Hackaday past it’s a testament to the old-school nature of this board that all we can find are microcontroller-based conversions. If you don't care, or care so much about both, select "Both". Normally, a 3D printer that under extrudes is a bad thing. [Julian Calaby]’s USB conversion of an Apple Extended keyboard may be unusual in this day and age and was probably a late example even 15 years ago when he made it, but it remains a glorious piece of bodge-wire hardware hacking at its finest. How do you instantly make any game better? (Video, embedded below.). He joined and revealed his presence, then was admonished for committing a criminal offence before he left. Thomas has updated the log for eForth for cheap STM8S gadgets. We love the Easter egg — anyone who manages to trip both the vibration sensor and the break-beam detector at the same time will be treated to the sound of a flock of honking geese. Laminar flow is the quality of a liquid having layers flowing past one another with little or no mixing. Now older and wiser, he has plans to revisit his old keyboard with a modern microcontroller board, and needs to revisit the matrix again and give the peripheral new life. 17 Popular Sites Like Hackaday Our team has rummaged through the net and identified a lot of popular hacks and hacking sites like Hackaday. You can see the results for yourself above, where the difference between the two cuts is striking. Players get a point and a song for landing a bag on top of the board, and three points and a different song for making it in the hole. If you want to see the most popular sites that are somewhat related to your search, slide this more towards "popularity. that users have described the website as. Continue reading “Cornhole Boards Play Victory Songs” →, Electric bikes have increased in popularity dramatically over the past few years, and while you can easily buy one from a reputable bicycle manufacturer, most of us around here might be inclined to at least buy a kit and strap it to a bike we already have. It turns out that interest in such a nozzle exists mainly as a means of modifying Lonnie Johnson’s brilliant invention, the Super Soaker. That’s not to say that cutting up old ‘boards is out of the question though. That clip gets fed into the open-source SoundFingerprinting library as a signature, then each video has its audio track exported and the signature gets identified within it. You can discover similar sites based on what tags they have Moreofit searches makezine.com: MAKE: Technology on Your Time. I-Hacked.com is a hardware hacking based website. The intro plays somewhere within the first two to five minutes of an episode, so just skipping to a specific timestamp won’t do the trick. In a pandemic these have shifted to being half-online and half in-real-life, so this EU defence ministers’ meeting had the usual mosaic video feed of politicians and national flags. Cables are included to convert between the two connectors, and obviously crimping ones own is easy to do, too. Remember to also check out Olaf, the Overly Lightweight Acoustic Fingerprinting method that can be implemented in embedded systems and web browsers. Site Topics: Hacks / Blog / Tech / Google / Hacking / Hack / Technology Rated 3.0 by 1 users Sites like Ghacks.net » Of course, when every episode contains a full intro, it is only a matter of time before that gets too annoying to sit through. Ask Hackaday: What Tools Do You Really Need For A Life On The Road? Interested in using audio fingerprinting in your own projects? It also uses a more compact lithium polymer battery pack instead of the typical 18650 lithium ion packs most e-bikes use, and although it only has a range of around three miles it’s more than enough charge to propel it around a skate park. One of the things [Nervous System] does is make their own custom puzzles, so any improvement to laser cutting helps reliability and quality.