Design principles are set Eurocodes ‐Design of steel buildings with worked examples Brussels, 16 ‐17 October 2014 CONTENTS 1 General 2 Performance requirements and compliance criteria 3 Ground conditions and seismic action 4 Design of buildings 5 Specific rules for concrete buildings 6 Specific rules for steel buildings 7 Specific rules for composite steel –concrete buildings The document introduces the contents of BS EN 1993 (Eurocode 3) and BS EN 1994 (Eurocode 4) that relate to the design of structural steelwork and steel and composite structures respectively. Tata Steel - Structural Steel CPD: Worked Examples to Eurocode 3. • Column in simple construction. Following on from ‘Introduction to EC3’, this presentation uses worked examples to walk through the full EC3 methodology and the simplified Blue Book approach for design of each of the following members: • Beam restrained at load point. This European Standard EN 1993, Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures, has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC250 « Structural Eurocodes », the Secretariat of which is held by BSI. Designs are now to conform to limit state theory—the British steel code and the new Eurocode. Static wind loads as per Eurocode 1-4: 2005 can be automatically assigned. midas Gen Tutorial Eurocode 3 -Design of Multi Story Steel Building Steel Design Features in midas Gen Gen provides code checking for beams, columns and bracings as per Eurocode 3: 2005. Load combinations as per Eurocode 3 are automaticaly generated. CEN/TC250 is responsible for all Structural Eurocodes. Both Ultimate and Serviceability limit states are checked.