This is easily one of the best tech tools out there and one of the largest and fastest growing companies as well. Unified business analytics that analyzes data from across business apps. It also prevents everyone’s inbox from getting clogged with multiple versions of the same document. It's completely free. This will annoy visitors to your site and can cause people to bounce off your page quickly. It can also be synced with Outlook and Google’s calendar service so you won’t forget any of your professional commitments. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the luxury to update your social media on a daily basis since it is too time-consuming. Calendly is the tool just for that! Marketing Software will help you run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale. Evernote claims to “capture and prioritize ideas, projects, and to-do lists, so nothing falls through the cracks.” It syncs across all of your devices, so you can access your notes and to-do lists everywhere, always. However, you should invest in right technology tools that go well with your daily operations. You can use it for storing personal or business items, helping you juggle all your commitments and manage that work-life balance (hopefully, you still have a semblance of one). The Top 10 Tech Tools for Your Small Business These technology tools will help your company grow. Pretty much all business can and should be utilizing Expensify. There is a free version of Buffer, but it has its limitations, so it is certainly worth upgrading and paying for more features. The diagrammatic representation of BI implementation process is given below which will help to understand Business Intelligence more easily. Trello is one of the most popular and user-friendly project management tools in the world. You can schedule posts for up to three social media platforms on free accounts. Artus monitors key performance metrics and comes with SaaS and On-premise deployment. With the high emergence of technology into the business, it delivers relevant and useful business information as a result and ultimately improves business performance. Also comes with features like user management, administration and provides access to information at a single point, Qlik is a high-performance proprietary analytics platform that represents how the data should get related, Comes with self-service Visualization, Guided and Embedded analytics, Uses in-memory indexing for maintaining data relationship and serves multiple products like Qlik Sense, This platform comes with 3 main versions such as, Tableau is a free proprietary easy to use BI system, Supports Data Exploration and Data Visualization with in-memory architecture, User can access data from multiple sources and also can add their own data, Integrates with Microsoft SharePoint and supports mobile BI strategy, The most important feature of Tableau is One-click rapid reporting, Board All-In-One BI tool combines BI, Corporate Performance Management, and Business analytics, The proprietary platform includes reporting by accessing multiple data sources, Possesses features like data visualization, drill-down, and drill-through functionality, Ad-hoc querying and multi-dimensional analysis help to make strong business decisions, Sisense is end-to-end proprietary BI tool specially designed for those users who are not much used to BI, This solution comes with mobile and web-based deployment and Benchmarking, Sisense uses ElastiCube as their analytics database that is built on In-Chip technology and also supports cloud platform, Ad hoc Analysis, Ad hoc Queries, and Ad-hoc Reports, Data Visualization are leading features of Sisense, Key Performance Indicators, Profitability Analysis, Strategic Planning are some extra features of it, Adaptive Discovery is a commercial cloud-based visual analytics platform, This platform integrates data sources and facilitates visualized data analytics on dashboard, The adaptive discovery comes with web-based deployment and Key Performance Indicators that helps to enhance business performance, Makes possible to analyze multi-dimensional data with drill-down capability and In-Memory Architecture. By creating a sort of calendar for projects, it helps you determine if you have time for new business opportunities, where you can slot in that additional contract, and also schedule some downtime. Signup for our newsletter to receive business tips, tricks and strategies delivered straight to you. You can set automatic reminders and updates so that you don’… Another excellent organizational business tech tool is Asana. Now instead of Googling or researching the internet about a particular company, I can get insights directly in Owler or from their emails. Setting up meetings can mean lots of emailing back and forth to find a mutually agreed upon time. It helps you stay focused with its time-block feature that warns you when you spend more time than necessary on distracting sites, such as Facebook. This tech tool offers robust reporting so you can get statistics and analytics on your email campaigns. >, 7 Types of Business Technology Tools to Save Time and Money. It will help you to keep your marketing automation up-to-date. Plus, their blog content is an excellent resource and can help you learn a lot about your social media strategy. Which conference call service is right for your... Wide-format printers deliver large and highly detailed... Our team of experts has compared the best small... What employee monitoring software do you use? It is one of the most popular platforms for calling and chatting online. This tool is available for a free trial period and comes with a $6 monthly fee after the period ends. All of these tools (and others like them) free up your time so you can do more in a day. It will enable you to identify how you allocate your time and how you can make improvements. Expensify is, therefore, a lifesaver for busy entrepreneurs, especially those who cannot afford to hire a tax accountant. They may also alleviate the need for extra employees, keeping your overhead costs down. Scheduling tools like Calendly and Acuity can help automate the process of setting up meetings.