Bob doesn’t have to fill the Bob role—Linda has, on occasion, and even one or two of the kids have done spot duty as the voice of reason—but Bob’s Burgers plays to its well-defined strengths when H. Jon Benjamin gets to mutter incredulously about all unfolding around his character. BOB'S BURGERS: The Belcher kids work on their own version of the school's Thanksgiving play in the "The Quirkducers" episode of BOB'S BURGERS airing Sunday, Nov. 20 … share. Bob's Burgers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. I was admittedly a little confused about the concept of a turkey pardon until I googled it and discovered that the U.S. President really performs a pardon each and every year. Beats me. The Terminalator II: Terminals of Endearment, Bob Belcher and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Kids, Discussion thread for Bob's Burgers S09E07 - "I Bob Your Pardon" spoiler. That dirty deputy mayor! I am going to HEAVEN.”. report. Ralph and Bob fumbling over whether or not Bob can drive with the trunk open. He takes Drew from the kids, but when Bob reminds Marsha how terrible her job is, she quits and hands Drew over to the Belchers. The Belchers find themselves at the center of a political conspiracy when the kids overhear that the deputy mayor is sending the turkey he pardoned for Thanksgiving to a slaughterhouse instead of a sanctuary. Email Deputy Mayor Meadows. This show has the exact same art as Bob’s Burgers. Your new favorite show is … Bob's Burgers is an American animated television sitcom that premiered on the Fox network on January 9, 2011. All in all, this is a solidly okay episode. She appears in "I Bob Your Pardon" assisting Deputy Mayor Daniel Cunningham. Deputy Mayor Bob Meadows . Bob's Burgers (2011) - S09E07 I Bob Your Pardon - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. The closest thing we got to acknowledgment that she does was in Beefsquatch, she said Hi Mayor to someone that we only see from behind? Bob’s Burgers has become a beloved part of Fox’s Animation Domination lineup on Sunday nights.Now in its 11th season, one of its seasonal highlights every year is seeing how the Belcher family takes on the holiday season, including some hilarious Thanksgiving shenanigans that are always a … When Linda joins a women's business group, Gene gets possessive of her time. It is uplifting, though, that the episode ends with a corrupt government official completely failing to silence the press. Tina attempts to learn a hand-slapping song that everyone can do - but her - in … From Digital Spy. Paul F. Tompkins is the voice of Deputy Mayor Cunningham in Bob's Burgers. While I’m getting tired of the frequent turkey-themed plotlines (why does any show need seven Thanksgiving specials? Fox has picked up to series live-action family comedy Outmatched (fka Geniuses), from LA to Vegas creator/executive producer Lon Zimmet; and animated comedy The Great North from Bob Burgers … Committee and Boards: Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee, Economic Development Committee, … Voiced by. Throw the Dog a Bone : For once Bob actually gets a reward for being forced to go along with his family's shenanigans, when it turns out the farmer has a fresh cranberry bog and he can make the sauce after all. Look, I'll get home as soon as I can, but now I have to drive a turkey to a slaughterhouse because my career in politics is going really great!" Louise Belcher. Want to see your poll/question here? The Belchers’ coats also help to lend this episode a distinctly fall ambiance. She is put in charge of taking Drew P. Neck to the slaughterhouse before the Belchers save it by retrieving it from her car and reporter Ralph recording her mentioning it going to the slaughterhouse while she is on the phone. 2 comments . Directed by Chris Song, Bernard Derriman, Tony Gennaro. Marsha was an assistant to the mayor. Close. I did laugh a fair amount while watching this episode, so I guess that’s something to be thankful for. They gift Drew to the farmer, under the condition that he won’t eat him. Photo credit: 20th Century Fox. Councillor Annette Bays Ward 1 - Colgan/Ballycroy . Photos of the Bob's Burgers (Show) voice actors. I don’t usually think of “gorgeous animation” in the same sentence as Bob’s Burgers, but the crisp fall colors present in the foliage and skies and cornfields are truly pretty. Mayor Stoney announced today that he is appointing Deputy Chief Gerald Smith of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police Department as the new chief of the Richmond Police Department.