My version of vegan zucchini fritters are here! When both sides are nicely browned, then transfer your cooked fritters to the baking tray in the warmed oven to stay warm. Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. © 2019 by The Vegetarian Difference. 13. I thought it was perfect as is. water, salt, rice flour, zucchini, chickpea flour, cayenne pepper and 2 more. We share dairy-free recipes, product reviews, news, recommendations and health guides to aide those with milk allergies, lactose intolerance or a general need or desire to live without dairy. Do not grate them finely. Please note that ingredients, processes and products are subject to change by a manufacturer at any time. I am so glad I gave it a try. Alisa is also a professional recipe creator and product ambassador for the natural food industry. Crispy Vegan Zucchini Fritters with Dairy-Free Avocado Crema, Dairy-Free Coquito is like a Puerto Rican Eggnog, Only Better, Easy Dairy-Free Evaporated Milk from Rice Milk, Soy Milk, or Nut Milk, Instant Dairy-Free Evaporated Milk Substitute from Powder, How to Substitute Eggs: 10 Easy Vegan Swaps for Every Recipe. Eggless & Vegan: This is one easy recipe and made without eggs. When ready to serve, follow the cooking instructions above. If your batter still seems quite ‘wet’ add in a little more flour. But if you do not have a food processor, a handheld shredder will do. They are best served hot, crispy and fresh. So yes it is an eggless and vegan recipe of zucchini fritters. Transfer the fritters onto a paper towel to absorb any excess oil. I can’t wait to see all the things. See our notes above about possibly using less if you didn’t squeeze as much moisture out of the zucchini. But that ended up with a really good texture. Serve with a side salad or bowl of soup. When one side is crisp and golden, gently remove and flip. The most helpful comments are the ones that give useful feedback for others who might make the recipe, tell about substitutions you made or adjustments you made and how it turned out, or assisting other commenters. If you use it in a cake or brownies, it creates amazing moistness in the texture. You can even use a strainer with a bowl underneath to drain the oil. Blend until completely smooth. For the Zucchini Fritters: 3 and 1/2 cups (490g) Grated Zucchini … With 14 years of vegan experience, my goal is to make vegan eating easy, fun, and accessible for all. Do I need to squeeze out the liquid after shredding the zucchini and before mixing in the other ingredients? They are a bit oily though, would it be possible to use some of the water from the zucchini and use half the amount of butter? This gives the zucchini fritters a DELICIOUS buttery flavor that you are going to love. Fry the second side. My tried-and-true instructions with photos even include steps for making the…, SERIOUSLY FUDGY VEGAN & GRAIN-FREE BROWNIES WITH PEANUT BUTTER. Just made these fritters for dinner. Preheat the oven to 210°F (100°C) and place some parchment paper over a grill rack on a baking tray. Providing the weights of the zucchini and flour is a great help! Serve them immediately or keep warm in the oven on its lowest setting while you finish cooking the rest. Melanie took a classic way to enjoy this abundant tender vegetable, and made it even better. While they are baking, prepare the creamy lemon pepper sauce! Next week, my partner and I take off for a 10 day trip to Italy. Required fields are marked *, I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy *. These Zucchini Fritters are easy to make with simple ingredients and eggless. Making batter 3. Storing – Serve these zucchini pancakes with vegan sour cream and green onions These vegan fritters make a great breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. The tea towel tip is a great one to get the zucchini really dry. Well I guess I shouldn’t act as if I’m the first person to ever make vegan zucchini fritters, there are definitely others that have come before, so maybe I’ll rephrase that. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Bari Olive Oil Co. is a California-based company that has been making high-quality olive oil for over 80 years. If your zucchini was a little more wet you’ll see that it will mix into a batter more easily so you can then just use less melted vegan butter. Hi! ), Healthy Vegan Oil-Free Granola (So buttery! Your email address will not be published. Take the grated zucchini in a mixing bowl. Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Top with vegan sour cream and fresh green onions for a simple and delicious meal. *Recipe inspired by Recipe Tin Eats and our own recipe for Vegan Corn Fritters. In fact, they are ingredients you probably already have on hand. The second time I was able to extract an entire 1c of liquid from it and it made a world of difference. It's zucchini season y'all and everyone's gardens are going crazy! Any uncooked batter can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Once hot, use an ice cream scoop/cookie scoop to scoop out even sized amounts of batter into the frying pan. These Zucchini Fritters are easy to make with simple ingredients and eggless. What are spring onions? Transfer the zucchini into a large bowl and add the remaining ingredients EXCEPT the cooking oil. And eat all the Italian food. Add the cumin, oregano, thyme, garlic, flaxseeds, lemon zest, garbanzo flour, baking powder and red pepper flakes (if using).