The Oxford Lieder Festival goes LIVE ONLINE, 10-17 October 2020. Although they represent only half of a projected series of works, Debussy's three chamber sonatas bear testimony to the composer's developing identification with a more abstract -- that is, less visually, textually, or otherwise extramusically oriented -- musical process. Joseph DuBose, _____________________________________________________. from . This quickly gives way to the primary theme, a ruminating melody in D minor. In his later years, Claude Debussy planned a series of six chamber sonatas under the title Six sonates pour divers instruments. Suite bergamasque, opening 3.5 . Registered Charity No. 119 sonata the cellist is powerfully assertive throughout a hard-driven reading. At one time Debussy thought to name the cello sonata "Pierrot faché avec la lune," ("Pierrot argues with the moon"), referring to the moonstruck commedia dell'arte character. The opening movement lays out a singing theme in the cello, by turns churning up … Much of the cello’s part is highly ornamental with the piano mostly resigned to harmonic support. All three of these frequently performed and recorded works are reprinted from authoritative French editions. Coloring books for adults and children. Barber knew what his music needed and he notated everything clearly, so although Rolston is outwardly impressive, her grandiose gestures often falter, and a less rhetorical approach would have made better musical sense. Pour les tierces, bar 1 3.7 . First to be composed was the Cello Sonata in D minor, completed in 1815. Pour les octaves, bars 1 & 2 3.8 . He finished only three of the intended six, completing the Sonata for Viola, Flute, and Harp the same year and the Sonata for Violin and Piano in 1917. The peaceful music of the opening returns to round out the movement’s ternary design and closes with quiet harmonics from the cello. ©1999 - 2015 Classics Today All Rights Reserved - Website by FirstTracks Marketing. Bestselling series of coloring books for adults offers highly detailed illustrations on premium paper – relax and color. Exclusive music reviews and news, created specifically for classical music listeners, from the serious collector to the inquisitive newcomer. In the Serenade, the cello's chromatic and sometimes harsh pizzicato seems to be representative of a more cynical Pierrot. CD 144 ; L.135 I-Catalogue Number I-Cat. The Violin Sonata integrates jazz influences with Debussy's customary impressionism. Many writers allude to the fact that Debussy had originally subtitled the Cello Sonata “ Pierrot fâché avec la lune ”, and that the Sonata follows a descriptive scenario of Pierrot's frustration over his unrequited love.. Courtesy of International Music Foundation. Please click here for the full Wikipedia article. All Rights Reserved. The Prologue is constructed in a highly efficient sonata form. He left behind his sonatas for cello and piano (1915), flute, viola and harp (1915), … Sign up for our weekly newsletter and get them delivered straight to your inbox. A truncated reprise of the opening gives way to a bowed passage that serves as a transition to the sonata’s finale. Vainly leads him on with her teasing eyes. At one time Debussy thought to name the cello sonata "Pierrot faché avec la lune," ("Pierrot argues with the moon"), referring to the moonstruck commedia dell'arte character. Drifts dreamily along the boulevard of the Temple. Pour les sixtes, opening 3.9 . If you listen score-in-hand you’ll doubtless be impressed by the fastidious attention to notated details in cellist Erling Blöndal Bengtsson’s Danacord recordings of Barber, Debussy, and Prokofiev. The ensuing Sérénade is an unusual movement with a majority of the solo part played pizzicato. Mixed with this Baroque influence, however, is Debussy’s modern compositional language of modes, whole-tone and pentatonic scales, and advanced techniques required of the soloist. The image of the serenading dreamer questioning his most trusted ally is symbolic of the disillusionment that Debussy experienced after the onset of World War I as well as with his own failing health. Prologue: Lent, sostenuto e molto risoluto 2. Neither cellist tries to over-dramatize the sonata, unlike Bengtsson’s most recent rival, Shauna Rolston, on CBC’s Musica Viva label. Title Six sonates pour divers instruments, No.1 Composer Debussy, Claude: Opus/Catalogue Number Op./Cat. He finished only three of the intended six, completing the Sonata for Viola, Flute, and Harp the same year and the Sonata for Violin and Piano in 1917. No. The same restraint also informs Bengtsson’s un-mannered but fresh-sounding and natural account of the Debussy sonata, also played by Rolston. Sérénade: Modérément animé 3. Possessing a severe brevity (most performances last only eleven minutes), it is nonetheless filled to the brim with material. You’ll seldom find an unheeded dynamic marking or performance direction, and these accounts are strongly underpinned by fine technique, solid musicianship, and ready imagination. Registered in England No. Instead, Debussy adopted a plan inspired by the music of an even earlier period, namely that of François Couperin. Recorded on 09/20/2005, uploaded on 01/10/2009. Finale: Animé, léger et nerveux Performed by Daniel Edwards and Madelaine Jones Debussy abandoned composition for almost a year following the outbreak of World War 1. The complexity of the piece is a stumbling block to analysis. ICD 13 Movements/Sections Mov'ts/Sec's: 3 movements I. Prologue: Lent, sostenuto e molto risoluto II. 4 is by far the most performed and recorded, as well as ...  Continue Reading. Enjoy the world's greatest singers at home, across 40 events live-streamed from iconic Oxford venues. 6CLAUDE DEBUSSY - Cello Sonata in D minor; Scherzo for cello & piano in C major; Intermezzo for cello & piano in C minorSERGE PROKOFIEV - Cello Sonata in C Op.119, The Bottom Line: What could be better than a big box of Szell? He was among the most influential composers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Claude Debussy (1862-1918) Sonata for Cello and Piano 1. Beautifully illustrated, low-priced Dover coloring on an amazing variety of subjects. No. This is not a fancy, high-gloss “e-zine,” but rather a simple, straightforward newsletter-style section of our website designed for ease of reading and packing the maximum amount of useful information into each issue. ... (Achille) Claude Debussy was a French composer. Perhaps both." 119 sonata the cellist is powerfully assertive throughout a hard-driven reading. Adriana La Rosa Ransom. (video review), Filling In The Gaps: Wilhelm Backhaus’ 1940s Recordings, Big Boxes: An Ivan Moravec Treasure Chest, Helmchen Homers In Beethoven’s 4th Concerto (Video Review), Ethel Smyth’s The Prison: A Work To Be Reckoned With, The Gap Sadly Unfilled: Boult’s Abridged Busoni, Reznicek Suites: Curiously Faded, Nicely Played, Paavo Järvi’s Really Fine Schmidt Symphonies. Sonate pour violoncelle et piano ; Cello Sonata Alt ernative. This changes, however, in the movement’s central episode as the serene and lyrical music gives way to an animated ostinato in the cello and the piano takes on a somewhat more melodically important role. 10/Debussy; Quartet in F Major/Ravel, Three Great Orchestral Works in Full Score: Prélude a l'après-midi d'un faune, Nocturnes, La Mer. Check out the newest Creative Haven® coloring releases! Clair de lune. It is our pleasure to be your virtual concert hall and bring you this performance. Contact Us | Mailing List | Privacy Policy. ExploreComposersPoets & AuthorsSongsArtistsVideosRecordingsUsing our Texts & Translations. Of the Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp, a work sparkling with spontaneity and innovation, Debussy commented, "I don't known whether it should move us to laughter or to tears. 5485276. The project was undertaken at a time when Europe was ravaged by the First World War and Debussy suffered from terminal cancer. Good old Pierrot, watched by the crowd, Having done with Harlequin’s wedding, Drifts dreamily along the boulevard of the Temple. Oxford Lieder Limited is a company limited by guarantee. SHARETHIS.addEntry({title:"Share%20this%20performance"}, {button:true}); We at believe that classical music is a necessity of life. Initially subtitled "Pierrot is angry at the moon," the Sonata for Cello and Piano does have in it some of the modern-day commedia dell'arte sensibility - a raw, heart-on-the-sleeve, dark humor. Théodore Faullain de Banville was a French poet and writer. Only three Sonatas were completed at the time of Debussy’s death on March 25, 1918—the Cello Sonata, the Sonata for Flute, Viola, and Harp, and the Violin Sonata. |, Music Books | Music Scores | Musical Scores, String Quartets by Debussy and Ravel: Quartet in G Minor, Op. Pierrot lunaire, bars 1-3 & 11-15, cello 3.2 Debussy’s Cello Sonata: Serenade, bars 9-12, cello 3.3 Debussy’s Cello Sonata: Finale, bars 151-3 3.4 . The Serenade leads directly into the Finale, where shadowy interludes contrast the spirited dominant theme. The sonata is structured in three movements, though the last two are played without break, but it is not to the familiar Classical sonata structure the Debussy turned for inspiration. Symphony No. The opening Prologue begins with a declamatory statement of the movement’s principal theme in the piano answered, in turn, by a flourish from the cello.