No matter the cause, it’s never too late to engage in a program to strengthen atrophied leg muscles… Be … In many cases, you reverse muscle atrophy with proper exercise and a quality eating plan. Your Moves for Better Calves. While all of the muscles in your leg may be atrophied due to a surgical procedure or incident that has left you immobilized for extended periods of time, it is important to work out the different muscles … Pick two or three of these calf exercises to do three or four … Muscle atrophy can occur after a lack of use, through the normal aging process or due to disease or injury. Weakening of leg muscles can occur when the muscles are not adequately worked for a prolonged period. This atrophied condition can be caused by sedentary lifestyles, injuries or extended immobilizations. It also means the best calf exercises and workouts won’t just be mere muscle-building moves. Seated leg muscle exercises will help you reduce the effects of atrophy on the muscles in your leg.