The first step is to identify the most likely period of manufacture. “People think that they have airplane propellers,” Ryan says, “but they’re not. At Hartzell Propeller, we regularly receive messages, calls, and emails from people seeking to discover the origin of vintage propellers they’ve found or collected. After a metal prop strike, the engine should be disassembled and inspected. Aircraft Engine 60MY-49 Mooney M-18L/LA Lycoming O 145 B/65 63-A Aeronca C2 Aeronca E 107 A 65CK-58 Mooney M-18C/C 55 Continental A-65/65 65CK-60 Mooney M-18C/C 55 Continental A-65/65 65CK-62 Mooney M-18C/C 55 Continental A-65/65 66CB-52 Mooney M-18L/LA Lycoming O 145 B/65 69A-28 Aeronca C3 Aeronca E 113, A We also get calls about metal propellers that turn out to be from Hartzell fans. A propeller shop has the tools to do much more detailed inspections of propellers for cracks, including ultrasonic, eddy current, dye penetrant, and magnetic particle inspections. While metal props accumulate invisible flaws from vibrations and flexing, wood props are not affected. One of the best online resources to compare historic propellers is, which includes a wealth of information from many different propeller manufacturers as well as a helpful photo gallery. All Rights Reserved. The blade patterns sometimes have a scimitar shape. In this case, the propeller had a date and a time and everything on it. He once owned a Cessna 150 and a Cessna 170. The blade patterns sometimes have a scimitar shape. Add to Compare. So I went down to the library here and went to the old microfiche, pulled the newspapers for that week, and verified that that magician was in town that week. By contrast, modern propellers … Early wooden propellers also typically have eight bolt holes and use darker woods such as mahogany or walnut. Do you have questions for the Hartzell technical team? Mark holding the unfinished propeller. In the event of a prop strike, the wooden propeller will itself be destroyed but in most cases not damage the crankshaft. Wood propellers cause less vibration. This site is committed to the exchange of information about wood aircraft propellers in general, with emphasis on WWI and earlier antique propellers. Share; Share on Facebook; Tweet on Twitter; The standards for the identification of aircraft, aircraft engines and propellers that are manufactured under the terms of a type or production certificate are prescribed in 14 CFR, Part 45. Typically propeller manufacturers are craftsmen not aerodynamicists. by azbarb » Fri Jan 20, 2012 3:23 pm . Wood propellers cause less vibration. It’s not uncommon to come across a wooden propeller that isn’t an aircraft propeller at all. When people call and ask where it came from and I say, ‘well, it came off a fan,’ they’re usually kind of disappointed!”. Propeller diameter is simply the diameter of a circle scribed by the blade tips of the prop. The positive identification of wooden aircraft propellers can be frustrating, time consuming, and often very difficult. Here I am holding the unfinished propeller. Early Wooden Propellers, The first resource Ryan directs people to when they call about identifying propellers is A propeller diameter that's too large will hit other parts of the boat. Propellers of all types are covered, including propellers of composite, wood, and metal. → Go to We recently sat down with him to talk a little about the process of identifying historic aircraft propellers. antique wood propeller us navy logo ww1 possibly paragon h-16 flying boat 104" $3,950.00 Vintage SENSENICH Wooden Propeller 42 Lancaster Pennsylvania barometer 40s ? Distinguishing Modern vs. Wood is the most commonly used material for PPG propellers. How to Calculate Propeller Pitch. By contrast, modern propellers tend to have just six bolt holes and are made of lighter wood like ash or birch. Every one of our fine propellers are hand carved from wood and meticulously hand painted. Airboat propellers, for example, are usually much wider across the blade. Only a few propeller manufacturers actually know what makes a propeller work. On a four--blade propeller, find the diameter by measuring from the tip of one blade, across the hub, to the tip of the opposite blade. Here at Hartzell, we often get calls, emails, and messages from people interested in identifying historic wooden aircraft propellers. It has many benefits: it is light, not very expensive and in case of a strike it will disintegrate faster thus causing less damage than a composite one. “People call up all the time and they want to know if it’s authentic,” Ryan says, “because their grandpa told them that the prop was given to them by Charles Lindbergh or Amelia Earhart. 100" Falcon SE-5090 Airplane Propeller Vintage Wooden Curtiss Flying Boat Liberty Engine. My Dad, who has passed away, gave me a wooden propeller and I would like to know some history on it. So I printed those out and e-mailed them to the guy. that was stamped on the propeller at the time of manufacture. Add to Compare. The average price is probably about four or five hundred bucks.”, As with any piece of history, many of those who uncover an older propeller are interested in verifying its story. “They not only have all of our propellers there,” says Ryan, “but they’ve got a lot of information from other manufacturers of wooden propellers. You can reach us at, Hartzell Propeller Inc. One Propeller Place Piqua, Ohio 45356, Toll-free for North America: 1-800-942-7767. Add to Compare. If your aircraft propeller came off a military aircraft, it may have identifying markings. Propeller Values. The other thing we get called about a lot are test clubs, which were used to test engines. He was really happy.”. According to Ryan, “The Army Air Corps didn’t want to buy a bunch of props from different manufacturers; one part number from Hartzell, another from someone else, so they had what they called a contract number. “This one time,” Ryan says, “a guy called me up about a propeller given to a magician called Blackstone the Magician when this magician visited Piqua many years ago.