"Nettie, no! During this period, she informed Nettie that she was going to war and wasn't sure if she'd come back. Coop knows all the major civilians and criminals. In 2017, Nettie and Reid were engaged while they were both officers in the LSPD. This may be carried out at the discretion of the Department of Justice. On February 21st, after receiving death threats from Lang Buddha and discovering that GSF had James McAfee executed, Boba reached out to Jordan so that they could have a discrete meeting. She would later calm down and make amends with him after discussing the repercussions of her contempt charge with her lawyer, Adrienne West. Despite this feud seeming to be tongue-and-check on the surface, it's since spawned several attempted murders and generated multiple propaganda videos centered around false-flagging Choi and accusing her of being a terrorist. She went as far as confiding in Copperpot that she intended to shoot Bryce in the head with a shotgun if he didn't make good on a refund. It was during this search that Apples and August came across Flop at Harmony. Eventually they became bored and Jordan realized that he was late to work, so he asked Nettie to fake going into labor so they would have an excuse to leave as soon as possible and she obliged. Nettie Steele-Machete is a character role-played by netsirk. After being released from prison Nettie found herself faced with a three day suspension from EMS due to her disorderly conduct in a courtroom as a government employee. In mid-July Nettie attended August's wedding ceremony and during the afterparty she helped Apples and August hijack the jet for their Ricky plan. Despite frequently making passes at Nettie early on in their friendship, Nettie declined to reciprocate as she didn't find her accent particularly alluring in the same way others did. Discouraged with the DoJ's performance, and seeking new experiences. - Kayden. Though, a common thread in many of her childhood stories typically involves her committing some form of arson and her family dying in a fire under various conditions. Bailey was shocked that Nettie was sent to prison for contempt and bewildered that she was talking about leaving EMS, as if she'd already made up her mind that she was going to be fired. The object of Nettie's spite for much of her early career as a medic. She eventually made amends with Ginzu after she received contempt of court, as she felt liberated by the outburst. This habit was further compounded by her relationship with, Nettie has a strong distaste for vibrant and pastel hair colors which she deems unnatural. Over the following weeks, very little movement was made regarding the planning of the wedding as Nettie briefly broke off their engagement after he shot at her during a drug induced breakdown after the death of Kayden. Daphne and Kitkat both notably among the few people who drew attention to the fact that Tracy's behavior sounded emotionally abusive when Nettie described their relationship. A brief gunfight ensued, ending with Carl, Thomas, and Freesh getting downed. Due to Nettie's compulsive lying, it's often hard to discern whether or not she's telling the truth in a given situation. Jordan eventually turned the conversation towards someday wanting kids and Nettie tried changing the subject by bringing up Chips. Despite being close friends friends with Nettie he seldom interacts with her as they work completely opposite shifts at the lot. During her time in the city Nettie has required the services of lawyers on a handful of occasions, but ever since she's entered a relationship with. Despite this, they were never able to complete recording session as every actor that was hired to play the cheer coach would die under mysterious circumstances. Despite no longer being engaged to Jordan, Nettie told Chips that she would still take care of him like a mother and said she'd help him with food, money, and enrolled him on her insurance as a dependent. Later on Chips told her that he was out of lunches and that his crack mountain was melting so he was selling his old crack and buying fresher crack for himself, Nettie then suggested lacing the expiring crack with fentanyl as people likely wouldn't know the difference. Nettie deduced that the problem likely stemmed from people misreading Bailey's friendly demeanor as flirting. Machete †Biological MotherChips Ahoy StepsonIn-laws:Tony AndrewsFather-in-lawTorah AndrewsMother-in-lawKyle PredBrother-in-lawBodean Tucker †Cousin-in-law - Tribble. Jordan then offered to let Tracy go if she drank all the alcohol on her person. Shortly after Sammy's death, Rudi Rinsen, Wyatt Derp, Gazz Maloo, and Reid began making plans to infiltrate Steele Security by having Wyatt apply for a job at the company as he had been away from the city for over a year. Chips would eventually be arrested by his father after being snitched on by Jean for hording a mountain of cocaine in his van. It was during this period that Bailey was promoted to the position of Lieutenant and took on a command role in the department. Role-player Information Tracy made note that Nettie used deceptive camera tricks for her profile picture, but thought that she was still cute despite not liking her nose. While she has done this for several individuals, reading poetry is a habit that she reserves for people who she considers truly special. This lead to her occasionally riding shotgun in Kayden's tow truck while she was off duty. Certifications Fortunately, the date ended without anyone dying, despite Nettie at one point attempting to abandon Tracy at sea during an argument. Casual Status It soon became apparent that Nettie's disdain for the Tessa and Amara hadn't died down and that she continued to hold a grudge. Unfortunately Nettie only knew how to fly helicopters and the couple became slightly discouraged that they'd have to look elsewhere. - Tracy. They frequently rode together and were often mistaken for each other as they were both the only blonde medics on the roster for a significant period of time. To make the lot feel more professional for promotional purposes, they set out to make valet uniforms for their employees and ran a limited-time offer to personally valet cars in parking spaces for customers at the lot. Because of this experience, Nettie would eventually begin developing more aggressive and objectifying habits when dealing with women who she had crushes on and frequently began emotionally cheating on women who she was interested in, often to deliberately bully them and create conflict to keep them from becoming too attached. Eventually Jordan was subdued by the responding officers while Nettie and Chips made their way into the morgue to say their goodbyes. "I did not have sexual relations with Chips' air conditioner, Nettie! When Nettie eventually arrive at the hospital she was greeted by a busy and chaotic scene as someone was entering critical surgery. Trainee A former member of the Bondi Boys MC, Ester was one of Nettie's closer friends after she'd been dumped by Tessa Lamb. Bree's former husband, and another close co-worker, Nettie frequently trained under Boba during the early portion of her career while she worked on her flight certification. Judge Coyote then threatened her with contempt of court and, in an indignant rage, she insisted he give her it stormed out the courtroom. Jordan and Kayden would also begin feuding with Saab as he was poaching their tow truck drivers for his own company, Bad Boy Customs. Several weeks after beginning this "crusade", Jordan became fed up with trying to scare customers from T to Q and decided it'd be more efficient to buy T outright. Later in the day, Jordan confronted Nettie about Tracy claiming to be her fiance and, in disbelief, Nettie claimed that she thought Tracy was dead.