Started in Guangdong, China in 2012, it has 450 stores mainly in tier-one and tier-two cities across China and 4 stores in Singapore. People with depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder are prone to constipation. Making aloe tea: wash the aloe, remove the leaf skin, cut the aloe meat into small pieces, and boil them for 10 minutes. © 2017 - 2020 Pandaily. or White Hair Silver Needle is a kind of white tea grown in Fuding and Zhenghe County of Fujian Province. As one of the best Chinese tea, it has a natural orchid fragrance after brewing. The magical use of tea dregs: make a tea bath for beautiful skin    Green tea can deeply cleanse the... Keep things in the refrigerator if you can't finish them. Intestinal diseases, diabetes, uremia, etc. Yellow Mountain is also the home for many famous Chinese green teas. In the Ming Dynasty, Lu'an Melon Seed Tea was widely used to prevent sunstroke. The tea features by it fruity, little pine, dried plum and floweriness aroma. There are 8 main processes: 1.plucking tea leave; 2.sun withering; 3.cooling; 4.tossing; 5.withering, this includes some oxidation; 6.fixation; 7.rolling; 8.drying. Chinese people have been drinking tea for more than 2,000 years, while milk tea has become a new trend among China’s younger generations. Chinese tea culture prospered during the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) because of a famous person, Lu Yu, Tea Sage of China. The leaves must be of high raw quality and plucked at ideal time. It is consumed in large quantities all over the world, but is likely most popular in Asia. Senna leaf is a traditional Chinese herb and is often used to treat constipation and bloating. Often drinking aloe tea has great help to treat gastric ulcers. The best time to pluck the white tea is on sunny morning. By the end of 2019, Nayuki’s tea had opened more than 420 direct-selling stores in over 50 cities in China. Pandaily is a tech media based in Beijing. HeyTea is one of the most innovative and upscale tea brands in China. Pregnant women, people with cardiac disease and constipation should avoid it. Wuyi rock tea is honored as the highest grade of oolong tea because it possesses the faint scent of green tea and the sweet and mellow taste of black tea. Chinese tea are famous around the world, and Longjiang, Maofeng, Biluochun, Tieguanyin, Junshan Yinzhen, Da Hong Pao, Pu’er are the most famous The company was founded in 2002, the factory covers an area of 15,000 square meters, strong technical force. Fleshy bright colored and covered with tiny white hairs. These make the taste of the tea very distinctive and balance. And it was a tribute tea for the highest power class. It is listed on all Chinese famous tea’s lists. Over the years, we’ve seen some popular milk tea brands emerging in China. Many patients defecate less than three times a week and severe patients defecate only once every two or three weeks. LeLeCha, which literally stands for “Happy Tea”, opened its first store in 2016 in Shanghai. Taiwanese milk tea brand Yi Dian Dian, started in Taipei in 2010, specializes in Taiwanese style milk tea, fruit tea and coffee. HeyTea a Chinese popular tea shop chain (Source: HeyTea) HeyTea is one of the most innovative and upscale tea brands in China. Happy Lemon is the first freshly handmade bubble tea franchise chain shop floated on the stock exchange market in December 2014. Keemun black tea, also known as Qimen Black Tea, is praised as the queen of black tea and greatly favored by the Britain royal family. And this is why the teas are labeled with the region and the year it was produced. Fuding County, Zhenghe County of Fujian Province. Regularly drinking tea is a very good choice, not only for the treatment of constipation, but also for detoxifying and preventing other diseases. As one of the top 10 popular Chinese tea, Silver Needles of the Gentleman Mountain is strong in bud head and even in length and size. This famous Chinese tea is a rich source of riboflavin, folic acid, carotene, tocopherol, and luteinone and is also an essential source of fluoride. Psychological factors. The leaves are delicate. Chrysanthemum tea First enjoyed in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), chrysanthemum tea is made by steeping dried chrysanthemum flowers in boiling water, often with the addition of cane sugar and goji berries. It entered the Chinese market in 2007 and has more than 500 stores in three years. In addition, clinically, senna leaf tea can be used to promote early recovery of postoperative intestinal function. In fact, drinking a cup of tea with every meal is good for one’s metabolism. Biluochun tea in Dong Shan in Dong Ting of Jiangsu Province is considered as the best. Oolong tea: Finally, oolong teas are partially fermented, resulting in a black-green tea. Planting region: Qimen County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province. The 10 most famous Chinese tea The Long Jing (龙井, it means Dragon Well) is a variety of pan-fried green tea from the Xi Hu (West Lake) district of Hangzhou, in Zhejiang Province. Then, the softened buds will be piled for requiring enzyme oxidation before they going through a low temperature bake-dry of the later process. There are 2 regions--- Zhenghe and Fuding make this tea. Due to its strong effects, it is more suitable for acute constipation than chronic constipation. The color is light green. Caffeine, vitamins, amino acids and phospholipids in dark tea can help to improve digestion and regulate fat metabolism. Cha Yan Yue Se is a popular milk tea brand exclusive to Changsha, Hunan. The fried Cassia seed can be brewed directly with boiling water and it can be brewed with green tea or chrysanthemum, etc. Prior to the newest funding, it had completed its series A in 2016 and series A+ in 2018, both led by Tiantu Capital. Barley tea is a traditional fragrant tea widely spread in China, Japan, and Korea. Pu-erh Tea can be divided into cooked and raw types. Constipation seriously affects the quality of life and work. Cellulose can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduce intestinal wall reabsorption of waste and toxins. Chrysophanol has antibacterial effect on many kinds of bacteria, and also has the function of promoting intestinal movement. Barley tea has the effects on clearing heat, stopping thirst, helping digestion, losing weight, and strengthening blood vessels. Wholesale High-quality Pleasant Tasty Chunmee Green Tea. Founded in 2013, the brand now has around 300 stores in the city. Planting region: Xinping Town, Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. It is consumed in large quantities all over the world, but is likely most popular in Asia. There are two styles of Oolong tea we’ll focus on – Da Hong Pao 大红袍 (dà hóng páo) which is a variety of Wu Yi Yan Tea 武夷岩茶 (wǔ yí yán chá) and Tieguangyin 安溪铁观音 … Da Hong Pao or Large Red Robe is the most famous tea in. The buds are laid in shallow basket and under the sun for a long period. HeyTea a Chinese popular tea shop chain (Source: HeyTea) HeyTea is one of the most innovative and upscale tea brands in China. The central veins on these leaves are removed and are pan fired and shaped so that the tea will not been oxidized. Making Fructus sophorae tea: take 3-5 Fructus sophorae to brew them for 3-5 minutes. And after drying, some kinds of teas have to go through roasting and scenting which are added processes. It is named for its black or dark appearance. Maofeng literally means the leaves with fine hairs and a sharp edge. Here are some Chinese teas for constipation: 1. When drinking it, you can add some honey or sugar. The company is located in the east of Ningbo Port and north to Shanghai Port.mainly exported to the European market. Biluochun is a traditional Chinese tea of more than 1,000 years. The Tea was first produced by a failed civil servant, Yu Quianchen, in 1875. The development and promotion of tea has been one of China's principal contributions to the world. Keemun Tea or Qimen Hong Cha is a kind of black tea originated in Qinmen County of Anhui Province. Here is a top 10 of the most popular milk tea brands in China, of which many already have or will expand outside of Taiwan or mainland China.