A. We are glad - This is a mere burst of ecstatic joy. It is a poor modesty which is ashamed to own its joys in the Lord. I. Finding the new version too difficult to understand? Psalm 126 is one of a collection of poems (Psalms 120-134) known as the “Songs of Ascents.” These most likely did not all originate from a single source or for some unified purpose, but were rather collected together for some common use While interpreters cannot be one-hundred percent sure, the best guess is that the psalms of ascents were collected together in order for the faithful to use when they made pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Where is there country so fair or land so fertile as ours? Copyright StatementThe New John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible Modernised and adapted for the computer by Larry Pierce of Online Bible. II. He is worthy of all our trust. These words have been made the basis for, "Interpreting the psalm as a sort of Lenten liturgy, preparatory to the New Year. Or was it for his covenant's sake with our forefathers? There will be moments where individuals look at the scene before them (children tearing open gifts, a full family at the dinner table, wood crackling in the fireplace) and think the great things God has done for them. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Copyright StatementJames Burton Coffman Commentaries reproduced by permission of Abilene Christian University Press, Abilene, Texas, USA. BibliographyGill, John. Used by Permission. We were vile--we are made pure. Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. 1. This gladness implies--. Devotional: Psalm 126.3 The Lord has done great things for us, and we rejoiced. of Those to whom this pertained would see it more clearly than those who had merely observed it. All rights reserved. But why do we only think those thoughts at special times during the year? Verse 3. I am blessed each and every day in ways that I don’t deserve. BibliographyExell, Joseph S. "Commentary on "Psalms 126:3". God is at the head of all our affairs. 3. No one can even know that he or she is saved. But I see not why they may not be thought to be the words of those among the Heathens continued; declaring that the great things done were not for the Jews only, but for them also; as the great redemption by Christ is of persons out of every tongue, people, and nation; for he is the propitiation, not for the Jews only, but for the sins of the whole world; and having this in view, thus they express themselves. Psalm 124:2)–praised God. As an adult I continue to treasure Isaiah 41:10. I think one way to think about the Christian journey is a quest to find the hidden joy that’s always been surrounding us but we were always too preoccupied to notice. Required fields are marked *. 1865-1868. Call it rather a robbery of God. Psalm 126:3, ESV: "The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad." n this blog post I welcome you to join me in prayer for each other as mothers! And certainly what they say is true: we acknowledge and are glad of the great benefits which the Lord hath conferred on us. BibliographyTrapp, John. Praise Him! (T. Dale, M. The work of redemption is a great thing of itself; the produce of great wisdom; the effect of great love; procured at a great price, for great sinners, by a great Saviour; and is not only a deliverance from sin, Satan, and the law; but contains many great and glorious blessings in it, as justification, remission of sins, adoption, and eternal life; whereof we are glad; that those great things are done without us, finished by the Redeemer himself; that they are so great and glorious, so rich and plenteous, so full and free, and suitable to us; and done for us sinners of the Gentiles, so unworthy of them, who are by nature children of wrath as others. Verse 3. And because the blind nations see those acts, the often-even-more blind people of God can see them, too. Commentary on Psalm 126:1-3 (Read Psalm 126:1-3) It is good to observe how God's deliverances of the church are for us, that we may rejoice in them. (The Study. I was in the midst of wrapping up my sermon yesterday when my 19-month-old son decided to clasp his hands together over and over and shout “Amen!” as loud as he could … Every one whom God has spared may warrantably believe that he has been spared for purposes of mercy. Alas! What are you expecting in the future? The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad. All Rightes Reserved, Larry Pierce, Winterbourne, Ontario.A printed copy of this work can be ordered from: The Baptist Standard Bearer, 1 Iron Oaks Dr, Paris, AR, 72855. They recall the testimony of the nations to God’s deliverance. God invites us to call to Him in prayer, and what better way to do this than to pray using the truths found in His Word? The theme of restoration that began with Psalm 80 in Advent 1, and Psalm 85 in Advent 2, is continued this week in Psalm 126. These words are generally supposed to be the words of the Jews, taking up those of the Gentiles, and confirming them. In just a few days, scores of people will be gathering with family members from far and near to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. How can we, for whom the Lord has done great things, most properly express our joy, and most profitably evince our gratitude? The temporal clause with which the psalm begins, “When the Lord restores the fortunes of Zion,” most likely has in mind the return of the people to the land following the Babylonian exile. The product is one of the grandest, most eloquent lyrical prayers in the Psalter. https:https://www.studylight.org/commentaries/bnb/psalms-126.html. There is so little of happiness abroad that if we possess a full share of it we ought not to hide our light under a bushel, but let it shine on all that are in the house. If this is understood of the returning Hebrews - coming back from the captivity in Babylon - all must see how appropriate is the language; if it be applied to a sinner returning to God, it is no less suitable, for there is nothing that so fills the mind with joy as a true conversion to God. On this blog post I welcome you to join me in prayer for each other as mothers! BibliographyCoffman, James Burton. Psalm 126:3 "The LORD hath done great things for us; [whereof] we are glad." Their deliverance was so great and incredible that when God brought it to pass they were as men in a dream, thinking it rather a dream, and a vain imagination, than a real truth. … Continue reading "Commentary on Psalm 126" The manner was so admirable (without the counsel, help, or strength of man: nay, it was beyond and against all human means); that they doubt whether these things be not the dreams of men that are awake. It is my hope and prayer that during the remaining days of Advent, each of us can look for those wonderful ordinary moments that remind us of all the great things God has done for us. It is a shame, then, for us not to say so, much more; and, by a holy avarice, to take the praises out of their mouths, who are no sharers in it, but spectators only. We can only believe it. The meanness of the receiver argues the magnificence of the giver. Psalm 31:19 Oh how great is thy goodness, which thou hast laid up for them that fear thee; which thou hast wrought for them that trust in thee before the sons of men! "Commentary on Psalms 126:3". Read Psalm 126:3 commentary using The Treasury of David. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. "Coffman Commentaries on the Old and New Testament". Anticipate the time when you shall be made eternally glad. We read of singers of the children of Asaph, that famous psalmist, who returned then, Ezra. Go to. Words in brackets, ( ), are not in the *Hebrew Bible. We can only trust it. Study the bible online using commentary on Psalm 126:3 and more! this was a true and religious compliment of devout Elizabeth. "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge".