Customer Review: Best Out-Of-Box Mic for YouTube/Podcasts/Streaming . EposVox. Rode ProCaster vs. Electro Voice RE320 . EposVox. The Rode Procaster has an entire kit ready to buy, Including arm and shockmount. Save … Ezvid Wiki . Customer Review: Awesome YouTube & Streaming Mic for the Price, NEEDS Pre-Amp!! Electro-Voice RE320 is a large diaphragm cardiod dynamic microphone widely used for radio recording and broadcasting. Click to play video . 7:18 . ULTIMATE MIC SHOWDOWN | RE20 vs RE320 vs Rode Procaster (Mic Comparison & Review) ULTIMATE MIC SHOWDOWN | RE20 vs RE320 vs Rode Procaster (Mic Comparison & Review) Hope to get some positive feedback in making my decision. The Rode Procaster was not a fit because it made my voice more nasally. I am only considering these two dynamic mics as they are in my budget and will be used in a not so treated room. 1:45 . Click to play video . Michael Lorin. Videos for this product. Of course now I know that it could be for other reasons. And the Electro Voice RE320 while bright and crisp made me doubt if it was in 100% working condition. Rode Procaster Vs RE320 Comparison; Shure SM7B vs Rode Procaster; Neewer NW 700 vs Blue Yeti; Samson Q2U vs ATR2100; Razer Seiren X vs AT2020; Audio Technica ATR2500 Vs Blue Yeti Comparison; Post navigation ← Previous Post. The Rode Procaster is cheaper. 5:34 . Audio-Technica BP40 vs Electro-Voice RE320 vs Shure SM7B vs Heil PR40 vs Rode Procaster vs Art D7. Click to play video . It is great for spoken word and singing when you want to capture all the detail and nuances while giving it a touch of silkiness and smoothness of a dynamic. Videos for this product. 3:25 . The RE320 is very similar to the legendary RE-20. Required fields are marked * Type here.. Name* Email* Website. Videos for this product. Videos for this product. Your email address will not be published. This mic is fairly sensitive and requires a quieter or moderately treated room in order to be effective. Next Post → Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Comparison of Electro-Voice RE20 and Rode Broadcaster based on specifications, reviews and ratings. In this MASSIVE Microphone Shootout we compare 6 large dynamic microphones. My audio interface for one. To help provide samples for multiple use cases, the test is run 3 times – once with the raw audio, another with some enhancement by the DBX286, […] RE320 has a dual "personality" switch. There is a point in the video where there is an audio glitch. Videos for this product. The 10 Best Podcasting Microphones . Can anyone having experience with the Rode ProCaster and or the Electro Voice RE320 suggest which will be a better microphone for the spoken word i.e. Videos for this product. Customer Review: A REAL radio station microphone for podcasting! 4:14 . VO's and narration. Click to play video .