You will find a host of such topics online. IELTS Speaking Band 9 Tips from a sucessful IELTS candidate. Now, Do you know how is the GRE scored? There is only one speaking test for all students. It’s ok to say ‘right’ instead of ‘right’, but not ‘write’ instead of ‘right’. A grammatically wrong sentence will definitely lead to a deduction but using simple language may not. It is a myth that, “ students cannot raise questions, since the interviewer is the only person allowed to do so”. IELTS Speaking Part 3 – Band 9 Strategies – Special Events. The name itself persists that you have to “speak” as much as you can to prove your skills. Do you want to score a perfect band 9 in IELTS speaking test? We suggest you practice with a stopwatch while at home and at the examination, don’t stop before the examiner tells you to stop. Password. You have successfully subscribed to the newsletter. For example, instead of saying, “I love Switzerland, because it’s cool”, you can probably say, “ Switzerland has always been on top of my best-loved destinations, since it has the best breathtaking views and valleys”. you might pronounce words the way which they aren’t supposed to be. This reflects your hold with English. Login. 5 Powerful Speaking Tips for IELTS: Proven Tips to Achieve Band 9. Because. Did you miss BLACK FRIDAY? Stay up to date with test preparation tips, strategies and study guides. So, this can affect their score in the module. In this section, it is best to freely express your opinion while clubbing them with examples to make it easier for the examiner to understand what you are saying. Stop stressing about IELTS, start learning the skills for IELTS success NOW! The examiner wants to test your language abilities, that it. Most students make use of IELTS speaking strategies to overcome the hurdles they face during the task. Hi Students! Creating a structure very similar to writing can rescue you here. Students with a Band 9 in IELTS Speaking have a desire to read and listen widely. Don’t miss the original question by not focusing on keywords. Speak to the point and keep your sentences short mostly. Effective and Proven IELTS speaking tips for band 9 #1 IELTS Speaking Tip: Understand the Question. It isn’t compulsory to use complicated words or long sentences to appear like someone knowledgeable. Keep it simple, keep it right. It’s not advocated to shout at the examiner but being clear also means being audible. Examiner: What was the last book you read? Don’t try to answer it the first time if you have not understood or heard it properly. Make a note of keywords that will help you answer completely. [ Also Read: Powerful IELTS Self Study Plan ]. Find th, Do you know how to study for the GRE to achieve yo, IELTS Speaking Tip: Speaking confidently and Natur, Are you worried about your IELTS preparation? They also understand the need to learn words in context so they know how to use them. If you are presenting a complicated idea pause where you would have put a comma or a full stop. You can’t just walk into an examination like the IELTS and expect to ace it without intense real-life practice. Better go in formals at least for the speaking module to look professional and create a positive vibe. Please try again. Usual topics – Since it’s an extension, the topic remains the same as part 1. So, whatever you speak during the session, keep it loud and clear. Follow this url & register, Wondering how to prepare for the PTE exam? Study your body language, your pronunciation and how confident you look. Since you know about the general topics you might get questioned in the first section you better practice how to explain them with attractive vocabulary. Also Read : 6 Tips for IELTS Writing Skill Enhancement: Get Your Desired Band Score. The author has succeeded in allocating equal importance to every character.”. You can find useful links for IELTS at the end of this article. The IELTS speaking test is one of the most intimidating experiences many have ever encountered while giving a test. So, whatever you say, just say it with confidence, be it right or wrong.