Now remove the bearing assembly on the factory knuckles and install the new knuckle. It is compatible with all models of 1999 to 2004 ford. Rough country designed their products with the installer in mind. The next step is reconnecting the electrical connection on the axle. Rough country products are easy to install. Suspension kits require an effort to install. Rough country lifts are accessories that increase the height of a vehicle. Check out more guides on our home page. Which are the factors to consider before buying the best suspension lift kit? Rough Country 2.5 Lift Kit for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler. Balance and stability of your vehicle will not be affected and instead. It is a 2-inch lift kit hence will raise your vehicle up to 2 inches. It will not only improve the performance of your ford but will have a cool look. It’s recommended to readers who want to buy the best oscilloscope for his car/jeep. The cost may further go up in case you hire a professional along. 0.75″ coil spring spacers. The front has 3-inch lifted springs, made of the coil. Leaf springs that are double tapered with Teflon pads. It is a 4-inch lift kit hence it will increase the height of your vehicle up to 4 inches. Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit Compatible w/ 1999-2006, High ground clearance cross member with premium N3 shocks, Fabricated blocks for longer and stronger lifespans, Specially design anti axle wrap rear blocks for maintaining ride quality, Simple to install and with minimal drilling required, The height of the lift is also a crucial factor to consider. Then you need to properly cut the frame using a reciprocating saw, measuring over ¾ inches from the hole’s edges on the rear frame from where the cross member had been removed. The core goal is to raise the body of a truck in order to create space for larger tires. You can buy a suspension lift kit if you have SUVs, Jeeps or truck and you want to raise its height. You also don’t have to worry about poor quality. It is made of the highest grade of dependable metals. I have carefully reviewed and picked the best lifts kits for your big vehicles. After installation, it maintains factory ride quality. It is designed to help you accomplish the desired look for your vehicle. The next step is installing the rear cross member in the factory location with 5/8” x ½” bolts. Transfer case drop The leaf springs and shock absorbers have been added to give your jeep a good balance. If you are planning to buy a lift kit for your truck, consider buying high-quality ones that will cater to your needs. It fits 1987 to 1995 jeep wrangler YJ 4WD models. What are the benefits of coil springs in a kit? Many people will get the work done in a couple of hours in their own driveway. Many people are lifting their vehicles in order to give them a pleasing look than the one they came with. If you had trouble buying a lift kit for your Jeep Wrangler before, I have a solution for you. It fits 1987 to 1995 jeep wrangler YJ 4WD, Tire recommended size is 3-by-12.50 Weight: 171.91-lbs, It comes with accessories such as shock absorbers and springs, It features reliable and durable construction, It will improve the performance of your vehicle, Recommended Tire Size: 35-by-12.50 R18 Weight: 219.09-lbsIt is a rough country 4 inch lift kit, It comes with the following components; lifted knuckles, differential drop brackets, front and rear cross members, brake like brackets, strut spacers, sway bar drop brackets, ubolts, ebrake cable relocation bracket, (2) N3 Rear Shocks, to name a few, It comes with extra accessories needed for lifting, It has a durable and a reliable construction, You will achieve equal distribution of weight on front and rear wheels with this kit, Features a heavy duty proprietary composite construction, It is easy to install, estimated install time is 3 to 4 hours, It is for 1999-2004 Ford Super Duty F250 F350 4WD, It includes (4) Premium N3 Series Shock Absorbers, It fits only 1999-2004 4WD Ford F250 Super Duty. The construction of this kit is of high quality and it comes with all the accessories to make sure you raise your jeep. It is a rough country 4-inch lift kit that is durable and has a reliable construction. 4 Some of the great features for this lift kit: 5 2. Love the lift kit. It is designed to lift your vehicle up effortlessly in order to have a smooth ride. This product will evenly distribute weight hence no need to worry about swaying. You can achieve this with this product. The coil springs will also add bounce and help in elevating the vehicle. Flowmaster 40 vs. 50 – What’s the Difference? Ensure there are coil springs in your kit before buying it. The next step is to remove differential balls on each side that secures differential to frame. Nitrogen filled premium N3 shocks, Has premium shocks which are durable, and particularly useful for cars that carry many people. Vehicles are also raised higher in order to change their look or increase their performance. Pull out the differential vent hose a little bit and reinstall it on the differential. Other accessories like springs will increase your vehicle stability and buoyancy. Install the sway bar end link with the help of the supplied template and instructions. Going any cheaper may possibly compromise your safety and may soon start causing problems. There are more expensive ones too, for those who need to upgrade their vehicle for really rough and tough use and off-roading. If you are an off-road driver, you will love Rough Country 4″ Lift Kit fitting 1999-2004 Ford Super Duty. A lift kit is designed to raise the truck body away from the axles. Read more: Best jeep wrangler battery reviews and buying guide. Coil springs add stability to a vehicle. Rough Country – 28330 – 1.5-2-inch Suspension Leveling Kit, 4 2. With the help of a wrench remove the tires and wheels as well as the lower and upper factory skid plates. There are many benefits of raising your vehicle. The next step is reinstalling the modified bracket on the stock control arm and reinstall the ABS wire in the clip. Rough country products are renowned to be of high quality and durable. By lifting your jeep, the height and look of your jeep will be improved. It is made from sturdy and dependable materials. All the kits reviewed here have a sturdy construction, come with their accessories, will raise your vehicle to your desired height, are easy to install and will increase ground clearance. loosely reinstalling the lower control arms in the cross member brackets. When purchasing a kit to raise the height of your vehicle, ensure to buy an easy to install lift. It is a very affordable product that will elevate your vehicle so you can fit a tire of up to 35 inches after installation. Now tighten the rear and front cross members. Changing the quality of the truck and car performance has never been this easy. Amazing price and good performance for what you actually pay. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This will increase the performance, look and even create space for larger tires. Suspension Lift Kit w/ Shocks, 9 4. The lift kit will level front with rear hence you don’t have to worry about your vehicle alignment. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.