Thank you Serta !!! Serta Perfect Sleeper Construction The Elkins II, the Kleinmon II and the Trelleburg II all have a very similar construction since they are all innerspring mattresses. Our team tested each and every Serta Perfect Sleeper model at our facility and you can see the results and our review for this mattress below: Product information Technical Details. YES (11) NO (0) Overall Rating. Shop Now. You will be sound asleep all night and wake up energetic. YES (11) I will not give this mattress up to anyone. So we looked at other brands. iComfort ... we need support and a good nights rest..the new mattress is a perfect sleeper...summerscape ll that was not listed in your listings of models so I selectd the Kleinmon ll . See what others are saying about their Serta mattresses. This is my very first Serta Mattress purchase I'm very please with the results. NO (52). A highly visible full line of plush mattresses, available in memory foam and innerspring, the Serta Perfect Sleeper … My wife and I were not sure if wanted memory foam or spring this time. I use this mattress upstairs in the summer, the Hanwell is downstairs, where I sleep in the winter where it is warmer. Oh, and the upper models have a cooling effect that are worth investing in! Mattresses . Save up to $400 on iComfort during our Black Friday Sale! It has become difficult to go to work on time in the morning now. Aside from the cover, the main features are coils or individually wrapped pocket coils. This model may not include all of the bells and whistles that are at the top of the line, but Serta … Cutting-edge foam and an exclusive support system for a cool, comfy sleep. high recommended for every body. The Trelleburg II extra firm description matched the Sear's Hanwell from 2018, in fact the number of springs increased from 888 to 1000 coils for the queen size, which should have increased the firmness level. I feel that the hybrid is a good balance of you are not sure which to get. This thing is comfortable! I like the brand, good value for the money, the mattresses seem to hold up very well and wear well. Serta ruined their innerspring extra firm mattress available for this year, 2019. Perfect Sleeper®, Model Was this helpful? i DO NOT WAKE UP WITH A STIFF NECK ANYLONGER ! My family always bought their beds from Serta my whole life so when I wanted to get a new quality mattress there was no thought about it I came back here to Serta. Shop. Im in upstate NY near Albany and apparently they manufacture them only 40 minutes away so that helped I'm sure. In 2018 I purchased the Hanwell extra firm, the serta innerspring extra firm line named for Sears. That padding is enough that it lends some "bounciness" to it. love it very comfortable. The perfect Sleeper Elkins II mattress features better pressure point relief than ever before, A custom coil system for contouring support, and a layer of cooling gel foam. Looking for more Serta Products? I recommend this purchase. As long as Serta keeps making good mattresses such as these, I will stay loyal to the brand. Well the hybrid was the perfect balance! i LOVE THIS MATTRESS AND ITS COMFORT. Was this helpful? NO (2). It does contour your body shape. Serta Perfect Sleeper Collection: Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Model Name: Elkins Plush Additional Information Elkins Plush Description: The Elkins Plush is a tight top spring core soft mattress model that is part of the Perfect Sleeper product line manufactured by Serta. The Elkins … I decided to buy a Serta mattress because it is a very good quality and it feels so much more comfortable than the competitor brand I had before. When it was delivered and unwrapped I immediately noticed that even though it was still a "tight top", by no means a plush top, it had more padding on the surface. A highly breathable and supportive mattress with a classic, responsive feel. NO (0). YES (3) NO (0). My persistent restless leg syndrome condition immediately decreased on the Hanwell mattress and it was so good I purchased the same mattress in a twin size thru JCPenny to keep at my sister's when I visited. YES (2) It couldn't have been more perfect. NO (0), last mattress we had was a disaster...only 2 years old and we couldn't handle it anymore...we both sank on either side and had to climb a mountain if we rolled over to get next to each other...this has a 10 year warranty too and should have used it but ending up selling for half of what we paid to avoid going through all senior citizens with aches and pains, we need support and a good nights rest..the new mattress is a perfect sleeper...summerscape ll that was not listed in your listings of models so I selectd the Kleinmon ll, Was this helpful? This year, I wanted to get a new mattress for a 2nd bedroom. I'm amazed that I haven't waken throughout the night with lower back pain and literally sleeping like a baby. The Perfect Sleeper Elkins II Plush features better pressure point relief than ever before, a custom coil system for contouring support and a layer of cooling gel foam. Since it was Penny's it had a different name, but the description was identical, and it did not disappoint. For someone who cannot sleep even with a box spring under the mattress as it contributes too much movement to the mattress, even that slight change in surface padding caused problems. From the very first night was able to get a good nights sleep! I am very pleased with mine. I had previously owned the Serta Moonbeam Mist mattress on platform bed, wanted to get similarly firm mattress, Trellberg II by Serta is the current firm model which is comparable to my previous serta. … YES (55) Manufacturers' online scales for extra firm describe it as how it would be to sleep on top of a pad on a floor. NO (0), Collection The Serta Perfect Sleeper Elkins II Firm is one of the more economical options in the line and is designed to supply a solid sleep surface with firm support, without breaking the bank. In this review we are evaluating the Serta Perfect Sleeper series of mattresses. On nights where my leg problem is bothersome I end up going downstairs to sleep on the Hanwell. The bed is a great balance. I have less sciatic and back pain than before. View Product Catalog, Perfect Sleeper Foundation - Starting at $120. Was well worth the investment. What a long life! GOT THRU SAMS INTERNET SITE, My son has one so we got one just like him and we love it very much. I like the way the mattress feels.It is a more comfortable mattress than the competitor brand I had before. Read the reviews on Elkins II Firm. We've had our new firm Perfect Sleeper … Most impressive was ordering on a Friday and taking delivery the next Friday. Together, this means a cradling, heat-dissipating, motion-reducing sleep experience that helps you maintain a balanced sleep temperature throughout the night. Receive special promotions, sales and the latest discounts on Serta products. Was this helpful? But now my back is much better and I get more sleep with my new mattress I don't mind one bit on how heavy it is. The Elkins II Firm is a Perfect Sleeper traditional innerspring mattress.