The Trilogy is something I eat every day, and I want to share it with others because it will change you, too. I’ve started my very own Cultured Food Life Podcast! Master the course and then pick another. Here are two websites that might help you locate a Functional Medicine/Integrative practitioner near you: and Add Prebio Plus - to kefir or cultured veggies while they're culturing. Add sugar to kick-start fermentation, then a SCOBY or “tea fungus” to complete the process. Try our delicious Trilogy™ flavored kombucha. Check out our other features too: downloadable eBooks, meal planner, forum, exclusive recipes, and more! These bacteria and acids form a film on top of the liquid called a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Kombucha is an amazing drink. Learn more about the health benefits of kombucha. Vegetable Starter by Cutting Edge Cultures. It has been around for hundreds of years. Kombucha is a Potential Source of Probiotics. Sales have grown to be over 600 million dollars, and this was all done strictly by word of mouth. They go at it, removing all the inappropriate food debris and making me feel great again. Kombucha, also known as mushroom tea, is a fermented drink with supposed health benefits. What Kind of Sugars Can I Use in Kombucha? Kombucha has a powerful probiotic which is actually a probiotic yeast called. Biotic Pro Members get an additional 10% off their entire order. Get all my Live Cultures at 30% OFF! But there’s not a lot of evidence to support these claims. It’s been around for about 2000 years – but the hipsters made it famous. Pick your favorite cultured food, start the course, and follow the lessons. Make Cultured Veggies – But in What Kind of Jar? Or just sprinkle it on top of salads or even toast and jam. Health Ailments Helped by Cultured Foods ,,,,,, Celtic Sea Salt®, Light Grey, By The Grain & Salt Society, Coarse Ground, 1 lb, One Degree Organic Foods Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour, 80 oz, Nesco American Harvest FD-1018P 1000 Watt Food Dehydrator Kit, Cambro RFS6PPSW2190 6-Quart Round Food-Storage Container with Lid, Set of 2. These three foods (kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables) are unique unto themselves and each food contains a different set of bacteria and yeasts that we need to thrive and feel alive. Biotic Pro Members can download my “Sprouted Flour Recipes” eBook. © 2020 Cultured Food Life - All photographs, blogs, illustrations, and graphic designs are originals unless otherwise indicated. Adding a prebiotic (which is food for your bacteria) will make the good bacteria grow like crazy and supercharge your probiotics. If you are concerned that it is made with sugar, you needn’t be. Those taking inulin lost significantly more weight between 9 and 18 weeks and scored better on liver tests, blood sugar, and lipid profile independent of weight loss. It is a wonder drink and there is nothing else like it on the market. Add Prebio Plus - to your morning coffee or tea. Learn more about our products and try them all. We strongly advise that you seek professional advice as appropriate before making any health decision. I think it actually gets mad at me and will create symptoms to get my attention. Master the course and then pick another. When kombucha is made from green tea, you get its benefits, too. If you’re making it at home, experts recommend using glass, stainless steel, or plastic containers. I encourage you to discover the power that fermented foods can bring to your life. Antioxidants protect your cells from damage. But the FDA says kombucha is safe when properly prepared. Add Prebio Plus - to salad dressing or condiments such as kombucha mayo or kefir cheese for an added probiotic boost. Eating cultured probiotic foods adds colonies of bacteria to your gut. Jonathan Swift. Kombucha is thought to originate … So what exactly is kombucha? From my own self-experiments on my own body, I have found kombucha to be of great benefit to certain afflictions. Kombucha bacteria includes lactic-acid bacteria, which can work as a probiotic. It became popular in Europe in the early 20th century. The basic ingredients in kombucha are yeast, sugar, and black tea. My stomach will start to feel bloated and, well . . [3][4][5], Three foods that provide different good bacteria and yeasts that enhance the trillions of bacteria in the body and allow them to thrive, grow, and multiply. Learn more about our products and try them all. I highly recommend that you try to make your own. Make Cultured Veggies – But in What Kind of Jar? Vegetable Starter by Cutting Edge Cultures. READ MORE: 4 Teas You Didn’t Know Had Such Amazing Body Benefits Kombucha is basically fermented black or green tea. Delicacies and desserts and, well, I was having a good time but having very little, if any, cultured foods. This is what I call ~ The Trilogy. My body has become accustomed to these foods and without them, I am fine for a while; but after a week or two, it revolts. 8 (September 2011): 679–83: abstract at. What is The Trilogy? Studies in animals show that the drink lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, among other things. I’ve started my very own Cultured Food Life Podcast! It will transform the milk, increasing vitamins and nutrient absorption, and it will do this sitting on your counter in a glass jar while you go about your day.