I'm leaning toward Shadow Spirit Spirit. This warlock pact lets players gain magic from a powerful elemental genie. Ascendant Step. You may seek to gain knowledge from your patron’s countless lifetimes of experience, while it may see you as a piece of a centuries long plan. Warlock Spells. Arcane Gunslinger (UA:MM) Prerequisite: Pact of the Blade feature You can create a pact weapon that is a sidearm or long arm, and you can transform a magical sidearm or long arm into your pact weapon. The current UA just come out with a host of summoning spells available to the Warlock. The trade-off, however, is that Agony has a lengthy ramp-up period before it reaches full effectiveness. Spells available via Magic Initiate are also excluded; for suggestions for Magic Initiate, see the "Feats" section, above. You may afflict a target with up to 5 Unstable Afflictions at once.You deal 10% increased damage to targets affected by your Unstable Affliction.If dispelled, deals [(18.125% of Spell power) * 400 / 100] damage to the dispeller and silences them for 4 sec. Cantrips. You regain all uses of your Mystic Arcanum when you finish a long rest. Afflicts the target with (72.5% of Spell power) Shadow damage over 8 sec. The following is a brief compilation of the most notable spells available to the class. Warlock: The Undead (UA) The Undead is an entity that resides in the dark corners of the multiverse. Armor of Shadows . At higher levels, you gain more warlock spells of your choice that can be cast in this way: one 7th- level spell at 13th level, one 8th-level spell at 15th level, and one 9th-level spell at 17th level. While there are some interesting abilities, the theming and the effectiveness are both a little weak. Eldritch Master . Agony is by far your most important spell, as it is the sole source of Soul Shard generation in the regular rotation. You can cast Mage Armor on yourself at will, without expending a spell slot or material components. This means that if you let Agony drop on one of your primary targets for any reason you are going to be hemorrhaging DPS. It also deals very high sustained damage. The discount Banishment ability is great and on-brand for a genie, but the Collector’s Call feature seems a little weak. Spell Name School Casting Time Range Duration Components; Decompose (HB) Necromancy HB: 1 Action: Touch: 1 minute: V, S: Guidance: Divination: 1 Action: Touch: Concentration up to 1 minute Your patron could be Acererak, Azalin, Lord Soth, Strahd, or some other ancient undead being. The Despair Shadow has a useful feature in Weight of Ages that reduces movement by 20' for beasts and humanoids. This is not a comprehensive guide to every available spell, as that would be an exercise in madness.