Veterinary Histology and Embryology. Veterinary Educational Videos website is collection of online videos for veterinarians, veterinary students and veterinary technicians/nurses. 2)Livestock Production & Management Lecture Notes. Your email address will not be published. Full text of "Notes on veterinary anatomy" The veterinary study material is available for the following topics: 1) Veterinary Anatomy & Histology Lecture Notes. Wise IAS courses are specially designed for, Wise IAS Study material for UPSC CSE is best online resource. Pregnant Cows and Sows, Milking Cows, Broiler, Strain and Productivity in Relation to Animal Habitation, Role of animals and birds in prevalence & Transmission of Zoonotic Diseases, Emergence and Reemergence of Zoonotic Diseases, Application of epidemiological measures in the study of diseases and disease control, Epidemiological features of air, water and food borne infections, Regulations for improvement of animal quality, State and central rules for prevention of animal, Materials and Methods of collection of samples for vetero-legal investigation, Post - Slaughter Physiochemical Changes in Meat and Factors that Influence Them, Regulatory Provisions in Meat Trade and Industry, Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Meat, Methods of Preservation of Meat: Curing, Canning, Irradiation, Packaging of Meat and Meat Products, Processing and Formulations, Slaughter House Byproducts and Their Utilization, Social and Economic Implications of Proper Utilization of Slaughter House Byproducts, Organ Products for Food and Pharmaceuticals, Preservation & Processing of poultry meat and products, Structure, Composition and Nutritive Value of Eggs, Marketing of poultry meat, Eggs and products, Storing, Distribution, Marketing of Raw Milk, Preparation of the following milks: Pasteurized Milk, Sanitation requirement for clean and safe milk and for the milk plant equipment, By-products, whey products, butter milk, lactose and casein. This course is a compilation of our most viewed notes on Veterinary Sci Paper-2, which we think our readers should not miss. 1.3 Deficiency diseases of domestic animals and birds. Veterinary Histology and Embryology. This site is not hosting any videos and is only linking/embedding and organizing the videos for users. Systemic Veterinary Bacteriology and mycology, Laboratory procedures in animal nutrition, Zoo/ wild animal breeding nutrition management & health care, Pet animal breeding, nutrition, management and healthcare, Milk and Meat Hygiene, Food Safety and Public Health, Abattoir practices and animal products technology, General veterinary surgery anaesthesiology & Radiology, Principles and techniques of veterinary and animal husbandry extension, Zoo/ wild animal breeding nutrition management & healthcare. Best Study material for UPSC CSE Examination compiled by best content writers. Abdomen — series of dorsal and lateral cutaneous nn. LPM-211 Avian Production and Management. Chapter 4 Tissues. Veterinary Lecture Notes veterinary lecture notes pdf veterinary anatomy lecture notes pdf 1)Veterinary Anatomy & Histology Lecture Notes. The Wise IAS notes cover the complete syllabus for UPSC CSE Exam. Limbs — individually named cutaneous branches of regional nerves that originate from nerve plexuses (brachial or lumbosacral) to the limbs. • Four major tissue types - Epithelial (epithelium) 1. covers and lines body parts (sheets of cells) 2. glandular epithelium a. two major types 1) endocrine glands secrete hormones to blood (no ducts) 2) exocrine secrete products into ducts that open to skin or lumen of organ b. structural classification of exocrine glands 1) multicellular - form a distinctive structure or organ (e.g., sweat, … How can we prepare for Veterinary Sci Paper-2 ? Our notes and study material is according to UPSC CSE syllabus. Thorax — series of dorsal, lateral and ventral cutaneous nn. Face — … Focus more on Previous Years Question papers of UPSC CSE. What should I read for Veterinary Sci Paper-2 in UPSC? 1.4 Diagnosis and treatment of non-specific conditions, 1.5 Diagnosis and Treatment of the Neurological Disorders, 1.6 Principles and Methods of Immunization, 1.7 Anaesthesia: Local Anaesthetics & regional, Syllabus of Anatomy, Pharmacology and Hygiene, 2.1 Histology and Histological Techniques, 2.3 Bovine Anatomy: Regional Anatomy: Para-nasal sinuses of ox, 2.4 Anatomy of Fowl: Musculo-Skeletal System-Functional Anatomy in Relation to Respiration and Flying, 2.6 Veterinary Hygiene with Reference to Water, Air and Habitation, 4.1.2 Hygenic methods of handling production of meat, 4.3 By- products- Slaughter house byproducts and their utilization, 4.4 Poultry Products Technology Chemical Composition and Nutritive Value of Poultry Meat, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), Disease Control and Management in Poultry, Symptoms and Surgical Interference in Fractures and Dislocation, Choking,Abomasal Displacement, Caesarean Operations, Paraffin Embedding Technique of Tissue Processing and H.E. You will be able to get a better understanding of the Veterinary Sci Paper -2. Sir, I want animal husbandry & veterinary notes for paper 1 and 2 both but can’t pay 2500 for each, due to economic reasons, can you please help me in this regard! The videos posted on this site are uploaded by different users on the videos hosting sites like youtube. 1 2013 Veterinary Developmental Anatomy (Veterinary Embryology) CVM 6903 by Thomas F. Fletcher, DVM, PhD and Alvin F. Weber, DVM, PhD LPM-211 Avian Production and Management Examples of "Veterinary Anatomy" Courses, Lectures, Cases include Veterinary Anatomy Directions, Planes & Muscle/Joint Actions Veterinary Anatomy Directions, Planes & Muscle/Joint Actions includes "...Descriptions plus interactive animations illustrating direction terminology, anatomical planes, and muscle/joint actions pertinent to veterinary anatomy..." Gaits & Foot Fall Paterns Readers can download each of the notes as PDF using the ‘print’ option available at bottom. Sir….aapake veterinary optional course me notes ki PDF available for printout.. Hi sir, it is difficult to study in mobile or laptop for such big contents. We are releasing the soft copy of Vetswisdom Book of Dr. Aman Bishla, IRS for Veterinary Science Optional (UPSC CSE & IFoS) instead of releasing Hard copy. Subscribe by E-mail about new videos added >>>>>. Clinical relevance of the things you study in Anatomy will be presented in another course, Introduction to Clinical Veterinary Medicine (VMED600)’. You can study using. Veterinary Sci Paper-2 Study material and Notes for UPSC CSE Exam, Which Aspirants Shouldn't Miss! Anatomy and Radiology of the Equine Carpus, Equine Distal Forelimb; Tendons and Ligaments, Human Embryology Animations - week wise (external link), Human Embryology Animations (external link), Embryo development from fertilization to blastocyst, Basic Tissues of Body a Review by Students on Models, 3D Thyroid cell video- good for a self quiz (short video), Animal Cell Organelles and their Functions, Cranial Nerves on a Brain Model - Demo by Students, Cranial Nerves on Sheep Brain - Demo by Students, Sheep Brain Anatomy by students in lab - Part 2, Sheep Brain Anatomy by students in lab - Part 1, Types of Placenta based on Shape - by Dr Banga, Equine Thoracic Limb Osteology Lecture - 2, The fecal smear, a test for worms, giardia, and coccidia, NAVLE Board Review: Neurology --- no audio, NAVLE Board Review: Special Species - Exotics. Veteinary anatomy Rk Gosh. he veterinary study material is available for the following topics: 1) Veterinary Anatomy & Histology Lecture Notes The interactive video lectures help in understanding the lessons in a better way. thank you so much Sir. 2) Livestock Production & Management Lecture Notes. The Anatomy lecture series will stress comparative and functional aspects of particular organ systems or regions of the body. Previous Years Papers of Animals Diseases. Staining, Freezing Microtomy- Microscopy Bright Field Microscope and Electron Microscope, Structure of Cell Organelles and Inclusions, Tissues and Their Classification-Embryonic and Adult Tissues, Comparative Histology of Organs-Vascular, Nervous, Digestive, Respiratory, Musculo-Skeletal and Urogenital Systems Endocrine Glands -Integuments-Sense Organs, Foetal Membranes and Placentation-Types of Placenta in Domestic Mammals, Teratology-Twins and Twinning-Organogenesis, Germ Layer Derivatives- Endodermal, Mesodermal and Ectodermal Derivates, Regional Anatomy of Infraorbital, Maxillary & Mandibuloalveolar, Regional Anatomy of Paravertebral Nerves, Pudendal Nerve, Median Ulnar and Radial Nerves-Tibial, Fibular and Digital Nerves-Cranial Nerves, Structures Involved in Epidural Anaesthesia, Surface Anatomy of Visceral Organs of Thoracic, Abdominal and Pelvic Cavities, Comparative Features of Locomotor Apparatus and their Application in the Biomechanics of Mammalian Body, Cellular level of Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics, Drugs Acting on Fluids and Electrolyte Balance, Modern Concepts of Anaesthesia and Dissociative Anaesthetics, Antimicrobials and Principles of Chemotherapy in Microbial Infections, Use of Hormones in Therapeutics-Chemotherapy of Parasitic Infections, Drug and Economic Concerns in the Edible Tissues of Animals, Toxicity Due to Insecticides, plants, metals & Non-Metals, Air and Soil-Importance of Climate in Animal Health, Effect of Environment on Animal Function and Performance & Relationship Between Industrialization and Animal Agriculture, Animal Housing Requirements for Specific Categories of Domestic Animals viz.