The C.F. If Kroger's private label business was its own company it would land at about No. I recently purchased some Hellmans that was on sale, took it home and compared it. I think the value is better than the classic. The C.F. Do people have other info about specific products, store brands and who makes them? It scored 65% (69p, 501ml). PBM Nutritionals makes PC and Wal Mart formula. Sauer Company, premieres on a Richmond radio station. With the economy in the state that it is, more and more people are having to watch their pennies. They are called Store brand manufacturers. I recently purchased some Hellmans that was on sale, took it home and compared it. Sauer Company is acquired by Falfurrias Capital Partners of Charlotte, North Carolina. Sauer Company buys Dean Foods, a margarine manufacturer, which produces private-label and foodservice products. Looking to save money but don't know what discount brands are worth it? Shop brands like Simple Turth, Private Selection, Kroger, HemisFares, Murray's Cheese, Comforts, Home Chef and more. My brother used to work at their plant in Cincinnati, and Kroger actually packages their brand of items for other "name" brands. Sauer Company celebrates its 125th anniversary. Anchored by a new Whole Foods store, the state of the art facility will incorporate electric charging stations in the parking lot and solar panels on the building roof tops. Looking to save money but don't know what discount brands are worth it? Who produces Market Pantry old fashioned oats, and do they contain Roundup chemicals? The C.F. Websites are equipped with e-commerce and advanced recipe search capabilities. Sauer Company becomes the nation’s largest producer of extracts and spices. Nearly one in three tasters liked Lidl’s mayonnaise best, praising its texture and flavour. Sauer Foodservice is created to make commercial recipes and flavorings. Reminded I tried a bit of that Value Mayo sometime ago and thought it just wasn't the same so I switched to Classic and knew where my money should've went. Who makes Kroger original tomato ketchup? After a couple weeks the "made by Hellmans" disappeared and it was just Krogers Mayonnaise. The egg part that is listed is egg yolks. The only difference was that the Slim Fast pretzels were in teeny tiny packages. Sauer’s launches new logo and packaging design for entire portfolio of spices, extracts, seasoning mixes, and condiments to improve shelf appeal and articulate heritage. Conrad Frederick Sauer, a 21-year-old pharmacist, starts his own company on October 13, producing and selling pure-flavoring extracts in 5- and 10-gram bottles from the company’s first headquarters at the intersection of 17th Street and Broad Street. New spice jars feature a unique square shape and convenient flip-top shaker cap. Who makes Kroger's Private Selection pizza? I've included a link to their site. Here is the history: Walmart does not always stay/stick with the same company for their Great Value products as companies are allowed to bid every so often (1-5 years) but their Great Value ice cream is an exception. Sauer’s introduces an award-winning, revolutionary new retail merchandising system. THey're based in Vermont. Sauer Company adds Gold Medal black pepper to its growing product offerings. My next-door neighbor's son is a Mobil oil distributor, he says Wal Mart's store brand full synthetic motor oil is the same as Mobil 1. A few weeks later, the company purchases Mrs. Filbert’s Mayonnaise. Who is the maker of Walmart labeled butter? Read on to see the answers provided by the ThriftyFun community or ask a new question. The company also sells spices, seasonings, mayonnaise, and salad dressings under a variety of brand names, including Duke’s Mayonnaise, Gold Medal, and BAMA. Go and find where all your dairy products are from, regardless of which brand you purchase. 10 restaurants offer special dishes made with Sauer’s products for the “Sauer’s Dine Out!” event. It is Lucerne Foods. My daughter was a Walmart Associate in the grocery department when she was in college. Post By REBECCA (Guest Post) (01/22/2008). I sure couldn't tell the difference. Pretty much all of it is way off. According to the code 06-17652, that is where it's made. The C.F. Hellmann’s mayonnaise beat the budget choices from Aldi and Lidl, but it’s also four times the price. Sauer’s launches a new packaging design for its entire product portfolio. ", The C.F. The Joan Brooks Show, solely sponsored by The C.F. The 20-24oz loaves of Great Value White Bread from Walmart are actually made in the same bakery that makes Sara Lee Bread (as well as Nature’s Harvest, Bimbo Bread, and other brands). The company also sells spices, seasonings, mayonnaise, and salad dressings under a variety of brand names, including Duke’s Mayonnaise, Gold Medal, and BAMA. Construction begins on The Sauer Center, a 40-acre mixed-use property development adjacent to The C.F. Sauer Company moves to 2000 West Broad Street, where the company’s headquarters remain. The company has 250 workers, including 48 salesmen. Sauer Company buys The Spice Hunter of San Luis Obispo, California, a marketer of exotic spices, spice blends and all-natural foods. The taste and consistency is off. I sure couldn't tell the difference. I am Joe Harris; a penny pincher that knows my way around discount shopping. And with the recent recall of Peter Pan peanut butter, it became apparent that PP makes Wal-Mart's peanut butter also. In celebration of its 130th anniversary, Sauer’s partners with Richmond brewery Ardent Craft Ales to craft Vaulted Vanilla Milk Stout – a small batch, limited edition beer brewed with Sauer’s Vanilla Extract, aged for over 40 years in the Sauer’s vault. You'll be surprised to find some of the "no-name" brands are products of the leading dairies. Hellmann’s mayonnaise tops for taste. All of my eight grandchildren are healthy and smart after being breastfed and using store brand formula. The first thing to note: While the main ingredient for mayo should be egg whites, it's not even listed as an ingredient in Kroger's "value" mayonnaise. They make pretzels for many different companys, including Slim Fast. I was told it was actually made by one of the name brands. Sauer Company launches new, best in class websites for Duke’s, The Spice Hunter, and Sauer’s. Yeah, that makes a big difference. Both my husband & I'm sure that Target's Market Pantry Salsa is the same as Pace Picante Sauce, which we totally adore. He told me that ALL infant formulas are basically the same, that they MUST meet federal requirements. When staring at the numerous different brands of products and their prices on shelves at the supermarket, you have to ask yourself: Is one product really better than another?